EM3: Capillary Tissue Depth


  • Hot Sweat
    • Attack Plasmodium Falciparum with the All Parasite Array Treatment, clear its toxins (Hemozoin, Steroid Weight Loss Arrays, Radioactive Isotopes, and Phlegm Heat), and use the Cool Down The Blood Vessel Array Treatment
    • Treat fissures in the Gland Array with the Fissures Treatment and clear any All Pathogen Types, Hydrochloric Acid, and Formaldehyde from the fissures
    • Treat EM Yin Yang Arrays in the Gland Array with the EM Balance Yin and Yang Treatment
    • Look for Metal Qi and Fire Qi being excessive together where they shouldn’t be and treat these excesses with the Five Element Excess Treatment
  • Cold Sweat
    • Treat Earth Qi Deficiency anywhere in the body and also especially in the sebaceous and sweat glands
  • Rash
  • Spider Veins
    • Treat Pneumonia Arrays with the Pneumonia Array Treatment. These organisms produce granulomas so treat these with the Clear Histio Granulomas Treatment.
    • Apply the EM Tighten Tissue Treatment to capillaries and the connective tissues that stabilize their location