Give The Gift Of Energy Medicine Education, Donate An Energy Medicine Treatment, Or Just Say “Thank You”

At this moment in time EM School is not a non-profit and so any gift provided is all the more altruistic as there are no tax benefits to you do so.

However, we do offer unlimited access to free EM Level 1 to anyone and everyone throughout the globe. Perhaps you wish to show your appreciation for learning EM or receiving EM from someone we trained. Or perhaps you would like to support someone training in EM to help them “Level Up” to EM Level 2 or 3, where otherwise this would be a pressing financial burden or even a financial impossibility. If any of these apply, please consider donating to EM School. And thank you so very much! There is so much we do for free for our communities. Thank you for giving back and supporting us! Please see the button below.

Ethan Borg, M.A.OM, L.Ac.
Creator of EM Energy Medicine

Showing My Appreciation