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EM Level 1

EM Level 1 is free! Join now and discover the unparalleled power of EM Energy Medicine! Most people who learn EM Level 1 are still using it over 1 year later. Which is to say, it is a tool that is as marvelous as it is addictive fun to use every single day.

Cost: Free

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EM Level 2

EM Level 1 introduces you to the easiest, most powerful energy medicine you have ever experienced. Take EM to the next exciting level and become an EM Level 2 Practitioner. Receive:

A curriculum book over 350 pages (included)

Access to EM Kinesthetic Diagnosis — your first EM diagnostic method

60 EM Treatments for many of the most common issues you and your family members and friends face on a daily basis

Unique online content to help you improve your skills


Cost: $290

Level Up to EM Level 2

EM Level 3

EM Level 3 is perhaps the most powerful energy medicine ever invented. Receive:

Full control over the power and focus of EM

Well over 1000 EM Energy Medicine Treatments

Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Diagnostic Methods

Includes 8 course books and over 1200 total pages

Treatment Strategies for dealing with the most common complaints you will see in as a healer in a clinical setting

Over 20 hours of online video classes

Cost: $2000

Level Up To EM Level 3!

EM Level 4

Get ready for a gigantic leap forward in your EM knowledge and skills — you’re about to be an EM Level 4 Professional Level Practitioner. Learn theory that helps you make greater sense of your personal and professional experience:

Constitution (yours and your patients’),

Astrological factors (energy cycles),

Energy Anatomy — other healing modalities and ones unique to EM,

Local Storage (how to add energy structures to the body),

And how to program EM and for the first time ever create your own EM Treatment Tools and Diagnostic tools.

Yes, amazing! And available only to current EM Level 3 Practitioners.

Cost: $1500

Level Up To EM Level 4