Written by Anne Simmons, British Columbia, Canada
Did I tell you that I love “EM” and have been working with family, a friend , my dog and one plant, all very successfully! I am so looking forward to level 2 and beyond even if just to help myself, family and friends. I believe what you are doing is the key to what I have been looking for all my life and perhaps my having cancer was just the path of least resistance to getting what I really wanted, which was to be able to enable healing at the quantum level by tapping into the Universal healing energy but I never knew how to access it before.


Written by Shari MacKay, Rochester, NY, USA
I have severe nerve damage from years of classical ballet, jazz and tap dancing. I have been told that I need a knee replacement but that I’m much too young. My surgeon’s exact words “just live with it for now. You wont be able to dance after a replacement”. The pain is just something that I’ve grown accustomed to living with until now. I have been practicing EM daily for a while now. I’ve been treating myself and immediate family. In the beginning I wasn’t 100% certain that I was actually capable of doing it. Then I learned “how” and the rest is history. It only takes a few minutes to learn. The results have been miraculous. I’m walking taller and am able to manage and treat my aches and pains. I have my friends and family calling or texting me to treat them. It’s that easy! My spirit has been wanting to dance for a long time and now my body can too. Thank you Ethan!


Written by A. S., Rochester, NY, USA
I have been using the Send EM treatment for over a week now and it has helped me with several issues. I still can’t believe that something like this is possible. Thank you, Ethan, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the first class, and I am looking forward to EM Level 2.


Written by Gregor, Tranquil Meadow, Ohio, USA
Ethan Borg’s latest release of Fu Xi Wen Medicine, “EM”, is a rocket ride to Simplicity for those of us with a history of the development of EM. Indeed, EM is the E=mc2 of Subtle Energies Medicine. This upgrade is more than the possibility of gaining command over one’s health: it provides a window into the inner workings of a Conscious Universe. So one may properly call EM Fu Xi Wen 3.0, and the temptation is present. To do so, however, seems far too limiting.
My history of this medicine’s gestation includes visits to Ethan’s former office in Frederick, Maryland, whereby he utilized tuning forks to eliminate debilitating (and seemingly intractable) allergies. That group of recollections also engenders memories of the online Healing Sound Jukebox site that divorced me from the limitations imposed by a geographic divide of nearly 800 miles, once I had returned to the fertile lands of the Midwest. Then came Spirit Branch (Fu Xi Wen 2.0, a self-service opportunity)–followed by Broadcast Treatments (a subscription healing service that has swept the globe).
Now, however, the requisite understandings require far less time commitment from the End User–and that End User is also encouraged to become a Prime Mover! This is where a large fork in the road has evolved into a major game-changer: Never before has the layperson been licensed to share this healing modality directly with others. Certainly one could introduce friends and family to Spirit Branch and to the Fu Xi Wen Family of medicines, but never previously could one fully participate in the dispatch of healing. The processes and requisite education remained out of reach for me because the investment in the learning curve had to compete with Everyday Life Interference (ELI).
ELI is no longer an excuse, as the airwaves have been cleared along with the geographical considerations. The world–indeed the entire Universe–has suddenly become very small. You–yes, you!–can utilize EM effectively within minutes after curling up with the Level 1 Manual. The capacity to utilize everyday language has stripped-away yet another unintended layer of complexity. Indeed, I believe that many users of FXW 2.0 will discover that their diagnostic skills will improve immediately. I recently had applied a streptococcus treatment to a sore throat malady, only to have it return. The EM methodology presented with this upgrade seeks out streptococcus wherever it hides–thus a complete offloading of a needless, lurking payload. Instead of trying to figure out the presenting disease (severe sore throat… hmm.. perhaps it is strep) just send a treatment dealing with sore throat. Then send a follow-up treatment to ferret-out the lurking bugs or imbalances throughout the body.
I am deeply humbled by this profound gift.
It is very difficult at this hour for me to imagine a world where Ethan somehow manages to top this roll-out, as he has done previously–and has done so very effectively–with each new generation of Fu Xi Wen. Yet, I’m anxious to see where this goes, as numbers of people onboard onto this incredible mission, and populate this journey to the center of the Universe.
Living the history of this work is a honor–applying it in the Now is what really changes the world. Thank you, Ethan.


Written by Anonymous
My seemingly cured son is having some Lyme and Bartonella symptoms again. When I send him an EM treatment he has a herxheimer reaction the next day. I forget that I sent it (open ended consent) so its always a bit of a surprise.


Written by Gregor, Tranquil Meadow, Ohio, USA
I once again find myself deeply humbled, as I reach for a pen to articulate the stirring responsibility offered to us by Ethan with the release of EM Level 3 (Professional Practitioner “Level-Up”). It wasn’t so long ago that I was unwittingly appointed as one of the God-parents for the gestating infant EM.
All spiritual entities on Earth benefit from a connection to elders—and to concerned others-—who are charged with the responsibility of nurturing the young. As a prospective parent, Ethan shared with me his trepidation in bringing forth another idea to the forefront via an email correspondence to me dated July 20, 2013. This consternation was well-founded in light of the historical context surrounding Ethan’s previous wealth-sharing of an amazing array of discoveries and methodologies with the world—only to witness an offspring that seemed to cling stubbornly to his hips. Too few knew of Fu Xi Wen, and even fewer pondered the notion of plumbing its depths to expand the knowledge and promote the healing.
So when Ethan reported to me the conception of the EM Project, and asked me to help him with the online content, I was far too pessimistic in my reply:

I’m optimistic for a better paradigm, but there is a great deal of pain in the yin/yang cycles that people evidently must suffer—even with growing numbers of people sharing the path-blazing solutions. That’s what you’ve been doing… ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’. For the teacher, however, there seems to be a dearth of opportunity.

EM—for its part—has proven itself a rather charismatic and approachable toddler. Nurturing this science is a profound responsibility, especially for the parent. Ethan espouses this eloquently in the text, Deepen Your Knowledge EM Level 3:

There was a day in the middle of my practice when I mentioned that the energy I was utilizing in my practice was working for me. And my patient responded that it looked more likely to her that I was working for the energy. p. 34.

Indeed, and just so.
I’ve spent a fair amount of time in reflection pondering all of the circumstances which were necessary for me to discover a mode of thinking that so cleverly succeeds in diminishing my bloated ego to the degree accomplished by EM. With that opening beyond myself I feel a great deal of hope and empowerment that I’ve not witnessed
before—It’s quite moving to experience. I think it’s fair to say that EM has the intelligence and sway necessary to inform the individual practitioner in a manner that is deeply spot on for that person’s journey. Arriving here, I trust—and I’m convinced—Gentle Souls, that you’ll find confidence and courage in your travels with EM. Thank
you Ethan.


Written by Anonymous
My seemingly cured son is having some Lyme and Bartonella symptoms again. When I send him an EM treatment he has a herxheimer reaction the next day. I forget that I sent it (open ended consent) so its always a bit of a surprise.


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