EM Level 1 Agreement

I agree to never either purposefully or knowingly attempt to harm any person, animal or plant through my association with EM.

Should I ever attempt to purposefully and knowingly attempt to harm another human being, animal or plant with EM, I agree that my right to use EM shall be immediately terminated and I revoke all rights to all Treatment Rights to which I have been awarded including EM Level 1 Treatment Rights.

I agree to only use the EM Level 1 treatment with my patients until I am awarded a higher EM Level.

I agree to make no permanent changes whether purposeful or by accident to EM Treatments as they have been designed. I agree that any changes I make by accident or through a direct act are to be null and void and shall in no way alter the design and construction of an EM Treatment as defined by Ethan Borg. I agree that this shall be the case even if I request another party to make such a change on my behalf.

I agree that Ethan Borg as an individual and Ethan Borg LLC as a corporation shall bear no liability for any treatment or condition whatsoever including but not limited to any consequential, indirect, or special claimed damages for myself and my patients. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ethan Borg as an individual and Ethan Borg LLC as a corporation for any and all claims or damages which I may seek to assert. By practicing EM on myself and others, I hereby accept and acknowledge all risk arising from any treatment performed by me as an individual practitioner of EM.

Through my own free will, I make these terms permanent, unchangeable, and irrevocable.

I understand that even if this agreement or any of its terms are construed to be unenforceable by a court of law that I still accept them as my solemn vow and my intention.

My use of EM diagnosis and/or EM Treatment is my acceptance of this agreement.

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