Teach EM Level 2

EM Level 2 is a gateway to additional levels of EM. As a Practitioner, you will find that teaching EM Level 2 deepens your knowledge of your practice of EM. It also helps to foster ongoing relationships with students. For instance, you might offer additional classes outside of the official EM Level 2 class to your EM Level 2 students. You might offer one-on-one mentoring to eager students. And while you shouldn’t steer your official EM Level 2 class in this direction, teaching students often generates patients for your own personal practice.

Class Curriculum

EM Level 2 Teach The Teacher Video Course

How To Teach EM Level 2 (Curriculum Guide)


Class Resources

EM Level 2 Class Handouts

EM 2 teach the teacher class outline


Optional Promotional Copy

I am incredibly thrilled to announce the next Eminus Mirus Level 2 class will be offered on [date] at [location]. This class is open to anyone who has already learned EM Level 1.

  • Discover the incredible power of EM Diagnosis where you can diagnose any problem in any consenting person or animal over any distance
  • Access 60 powerful EM Level 2 Treatments that dramatically expand your treatment power above and beyond the EM Level 1 “Send EM” treatment tool
  • Learn amazing theory that will deeply enrich your practice of EM
  • Receive a 350 page EM Level 2 curriculum book included as part of this course

The cost of this class is $290. I must “attune” you in advance of the class, so advanced registration is required (sorry, no last minute attendees). Early registrants can pick up the curriculum book in advance.

This class is being taught by [name], a Level 3 EM Practitioner, and one of only a handful of students personally taught by Ethan Borg, the creator of Eminus Mirus.




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