Teach EM

Here are a few reasons to consider teaching EM:

  • Help us grow EM as quickly as possible. The more people who practice it, the healthier our community and the more “herd protection” we have from infectious pathogens.
  • Deepen your knowledge. There is no better way to learn a subject more deeply than to teach it to others.
  • Earn income. While EM Level 1 is free to all students, you can earn revenue as a teacher of higher Levels of EM.
  • Share your passion. If you love EM, share what you love!
  • Increase your clientele! The more people who know about EM, the more who will want to receive it.

If You Are EM Level 2 Or Higher

You can teach EM Level 1. Click here for the curriculum.


If You Are EM Level 3

You can teach EM Level 1 and EM Level 2.

EM Level 1 Curriculum

EM Level 2 Curriculum