Organs In Every Line Of Force And Energy Box

In addition to the physical organs we all know and the Full Body Organs described in EM and the Human Angle Project, there are also energy “organs” in every Line Of Force and Every Energy Box that have influence over specific tissues.


HT Organ = Heart Organ

SI Organ = Small Intestines Organ

SP Organ = Spleen Organ

ST Organ = Stomach Organ

LU Organ = Lung Organ

LI Organ = Large Intestines Organ

KD Organ = Kidney Organ

BL Organ = Bladder Organ

LV Organ = Liver Organ

GB Organ = Gallbladder Organ

PC Organ = Pericardium Organ

TW Organ = Triple Warmer Organ


Foot Energy Box

HT Organ: between bones and tendons of feet
SI Organ: superior surface of feet tendons
SP Organ: webbing on feet by toes and flesh tissue depth of feet
ST Organ: tissue between ST42 and ST44
LU Organ: dermis of skin at the feet
LI Organ: epidermis at the feet
KD Organ: inferior metatarsal bones
BL Organ: superior metatarsal bones
LV Organ: ligaments between metatarsal bones and toes
GB Organ: feet aponeurosis plus SP3
PC Organ: veins of the feet and toes
TW Organ: arteries of the feet and toes

Ankle Line Of Force

HT Organ: tissue interior aspect of achilles tendon
SI Organ: tissue anterior to the ankle
SP Organ: divot created at the achilles tendon
ST Organ: Achilles tendon posterior to the divot
LU Organ: tissue dividing interior elements of the achilles tendon
LI Organ: skin around the ankle
KD Organ: medial malleolus
BL Organ: lateral malleolus
LV Organ: ligaments inside the ankle
GB Organ: tendons stretching out from the achilles at the heel
PC Organ: ankle veins
TW Organ: ankle arteries


Shin Energy Box

HT Organ: in between fibula and tibia
SI Organ: tibialis anterior
SP Organ: GB34
ST Organ: ST36 to GB34
LU Organ: dermis of shin Energy Box
LI Organ: epidermis of shin Energy Box
KD Organ: interior facing aspect of tibia and fibula
BL Organ: exterior facing aspect of tibia and fibula
LV Organ: ligaments connecting tibia to fibula at their top and bottom ends
GB Organ: patellar tendon attachment and fibular head attachments
PC Organ: veins at shins
TW Organ: arteries at shins

Knee Line Of Force

HT Organ: interior tissue at eyes of knees
SI Organ: knee joint cavity
SP Organ: fat pad at knee
ST Organ: quad edge at knee
LU Organ: meniscus
LI Organ: synovial fluid
KD Organ: femur and tibia at knee
BL Organ: patella
LV Organ: ACL/PCL ligaments
GB Organ: tendons crossing knees
PC Organ: veins at knees
TW Organ: arteries at knees

Thigh Energy Box

HT Organ: femur bone marrow
SI Organ: pudendal nerve
SP Organ: testicles/ovaries
ST Organ: perineum and ejaculatory muscles, reproductive contractile muscles female
LU Organ: lateral penis sheathe/vagina
LI Organ: penis head/clitoris
KD Organ: posterior femur
BL Organ: anterior femur
LV Organ: penis spongiosum and erectile tissue in vagina
GB Organ: rectum
PC Organ: prostate/uterus and leg veins
TW Organ: thigh and low abdomen arteries and seminal vesicles/vas deferens and fallopian tubes/top of uterus

Hip Line Of Force

HT Organ: urethra
SI Organ: The main BL Organ
SP Organ: appendix and sigmoid colon
ST Organ: ileoceccal valve and aspect of sigmoid colon
LU Organ: L4-S1 joints and down to coccyx joint
LI Organ: quadratus lumborum
KD Organ: L5-sacrum bones
BL Organ: hip bones, pelvic and ischial bones
LV Organ: hip joint ligaments and L5-S1 ligaments
GB Organ: ligaments and tendons of spinous processes L4-S1 and lateral to sacrum including SI joint
PC Organ: urethra/prostate junction in men and urethra vagina transit in women
TW Organ: nerves emanating from L4-S1 combining with Full Body GB organ to create the Dai Mai

Abdomen Energy Box

HT Organ: connection between GB and ST organs
SI Organ: Superior ST organ and its association with the LV organ
SP Organ: abdominal fat
ST Organ: rectus abdominus and obliques
LU Organ: ascending and descending colon
LI Organ: all intestines including SI and LI
KD Organ: L1-4 anterior
BL Organ: L1-4 posterior
LV Organ: stretchy tissue of the ST organ and also middle liver lobe
GB Organ: liver organ
PC Organ: pancreas and duct
TW Organ: entire aorta including chest and abdomen

Rib Line Of Force

HT Organ: GB duct
SI Organ: junction of and also entire pancreatic duct and GB duct
SP Organ: tissue lateral to the pancreas and its duct
ST Organ: diaphragm
LU Organ: deepest ridge of lung organ or space between lung organ and diaphragm
LI Organ: KD organs
KD Organ: interior rib and anterior vertebra T7-12
BL Organ: exterior rib surface and posterior vertebra T7-12
LV Organ: bile ducts from liver organ to GB
GB Organ: xyphoid process to right side anterior to ribs and also GB 22 and 23
PC Organ: adrenals aspect
TW Organ: adrenals aspect


Chest Energy Box

HT Organ: lungs organ
SI Organ: bronchi
SP Organ: cardiac heart atrium
ST Organ: cardiac heart ventricles
LU Organ: space around lungs
LI Organ: bronchi
KD Organ: thoracic spine and anterior cervical spine
BL Organ: ribs and posterior cervical spine
LV Organ: cardiac heart valves
GB Organ: pleura?
PC Organ: vena cava and pulmonary vein
TW Organ: all glands even meninges sex gland


Armpit Line Of Force

HT Organ: all glands fire aspect
SI Organ: thyroid
SP Organ: arms to fingers and C7 and clavicle
ST Organ: trapezius (entire)
LU Organ: spinal column and mid brain and brain stem and cerebrum inferior
LI Organ: cerebrum mid and superior and elements of midbrain
KD Organ: atlas, C2, sacrum anterior
BL Organ: all glands water aspect
LV Organ: systemwide ligaments but especially upper body
GB Organ: systemwide muscle attachments
PC Organ: brain veins and neck and arm veins
TW Organ: carotid and brain and arm arteries


Neck Energy Box

HT Organ: cerebrum limbic system
SI Organ: neck and brain lymph
SP Organ: cheeks around mouth and also eyelids
ST Organ: chewing muscles and nostrils and medial eyelids and scalp muscles
LU Organ: occipital neck muscles and nostrils and nose and lips and vocal cords and trachea/larynx/pharynx
LI Organ: posterior neck muscles and between shoulder blades and lateral to sacrum and patellar tendon and nostrils and lip exterior
KD Organ: interior aspect of skull bones
BL Organ: exterior aspect of skull bones and facial bones and jaw bones
LV Organ: sinus and sinus duct and sinus chamber and eye duct
GB Organ: nerves emanating from spine and cranial nerves
PC Organ: vagus nerve, midbrain and nerves emanating from midbrain and all reflex nerves along spine
TW Organ: auditory processing pathways


Jaw Line Of Force

HT Organ: spaces in the bone tissue itself system wide
SI Organ: space in between cells system wide
SP Organ: entire mouth and tongue in mouth
ST Organ: soft palate and uvula and esophagus aspect and epiglottis and nasopharynx
LU Organ: mucus membranes system wide
LI Organ: skin system wide
KD Organ: maxilla and all interior aspect of teeth upper and lower
BL Organ: hard palate and exterior aspect of teeth
LV Organ: anterior eyeball and sclera and sutures of skull bones and ligaments of facial bones and around eye orbit ligaments and connective tissue system wide
GB Organ: attachments that are oriented lateral aspects of body and its body segments system wide and IT band
PC Organ: fingertips and soles and toe pads and exterior sensory nerves probably pressure and pain nerves
TW Organ: deeper pressure and pain nerves fingertips and system wide

Face Energy Box

HT Organ: blood
SI Organ: capillary tissue depth and all capillaries
SP Organ: flesh tissue depth and body fat
ST Organ: temples and all around scalp in a ring (where damp headaches associate)
LU Organ: lateral lines of skin and its contours system wide
LI Organ: up/down lines of skin intersecting with LU Organ lateral lines
KD Organ: prefrontal cortex and motor cortex
BL Organ: inner vestibular ear
LV Organ: articulations of joints
GB Organ: hearing elements of inner ear and middle ear
PC Organ: ducts and tubes in the body that are empty most of the time
TW Organ: ducts and tubes in the body that are filled most of the time

Eyebrow Line Of Force

HT Organ: cingulate cortex of cerebrum
SI Organ: olfactory nerve
SP Organ: hypothalamus and pituitary gland
ST Organ: medulla
LU Organ: corpus collosum
LI Organ: optic nerve
KD Organ: amygdala
BL Organ: thalamus
LV Organ: cerebellum inferior
GB Organ: cerebellum superior and visual cortex
PC Organ: prefrontal cortex
TW Organ: temporal lobes by ears


Forehead Energy Box

HT Organ: meninges sex gland and pleasure nerves at anus and orgasm nerves at motor cortex
SI Organ: rim around penis head/clitoris circumference and motor cortex endorphin nerves
SP Organ: yintang and pineal gland and perineum/base of exterior sex organs
ST Organ: lateral penis sheathe/vagina and limbic area
LU Organ: lateral to limbic area and epigastrium and interior spongiosum surface and its female counterpart
LI Organ: superior lateral cerebrum about 0.5 inches under surface and urethra facing surface of spongiosum/urethra junction
KD Organ: interior aspect of superior skull bones and bones anterior to ear
BL Organ: anus to penis head/clitoris structures and prostate/uterus and skin areas that blush during orgasm
LV Organ: corpus collosum to prefrontal and penis sheath and vagina length
GB Organ: pineal midbrain fibers and pleasure nerve plexus at perineum
PC Organ: glans and clitoris and rectus abdominus nerves and motor cortex pleasure nerves
TW Organ: cerebrum about ¼ anterior of back of cerebrum like a mirror image of motor cortex also bulbourethral gland and duct