Improving Your Baseline

There are many methods to improve your baseline.

EM Level 2 Attunement Treatment

You can apply the Attunement Treatment to yourself by clicking this (Treat Me Now) link. Do not repeat this more than once a week.



Another helpful technique to increase your body awareness is to practice self-hypnosis which ironically makes you feel less aware of your body. Here is a self-hypnosis audio program I created in 1999 that you can listen to regularly to increase the sensitivity of your body.


To save this file so that you can run it on an audio device right click right here with your right mouse button and select “Save As”.



Spend 10 minutes every day with your eyes closed in a quiet space simply focusing on your breathing. Allow thoughts and awareness about your body and your surroundings to come and go into your consciousness with no judgment. Here are links to quick meditations on Youtube.