How To Use The Wiki

Wiki’s are user-created encyclopedias. Once you create a free account (or if you are a Member already), you have the right to add terms that are missing and update the encyclopedia with knowledge you have that should be shared with other members of the EM community.

To Add A Term

At the top left of your web browser screen you will see several options that look like this:


If you click on + New You can add a new term to the Wiki. And thank you! Your participation is wanted and appreciated.

Update/Change A Term

Once a term is defined it is not set in stone. Anyone who is signed in can add information about the term. Again, in the upper left corner look for these options when viewing a term:


Now you see the “Edit Term” option. Simply click on this.

Remember to always Save/Publish the changes you make otherwise those changes will not be recorded by the website.

Thank you for helping us grow knowledge about EM!