EM3: Wounds

Wounds can be caused by many factors – abrasions, bites, pathogen toxins, even the passage of stools through swollen bowels. See the Wounds Protocol for ideas as to how to treat the issues that go hand-in-hand with wounds.
After wounds caused by unsterilized metals always look for and treat Tetanus and clear the Tetanus Toxin histio. There is always Tetanus in these wounds.


After surgery, always look for species of fungus, MRSA, and MRCONS in the patient, as invariably these get into the patient.


Wounds deep enough to impact bone will allow fungus to get to the bone and begin to infect, slowing down healing and increasing the likelihood of arthritis developing in the local area. Also look for and treat bone chips.


Always treat pathogens whenever exterior tissue is damaged. But also consider wounds when you have infections including internal to the body, because the infection must live in tissue and therefore it is likely wounds are developing hand-in-hand.


After vaccines, always look for and treat species of fungus that have penetrated the wound or been injected into the body.


EM Level 3 comes with many different wound treatments available in the Wound Section of the Treatment Guide.