EM3: Weakness

Muscles weakness is the sense that a muscle cannot flex and extend with its normal power and intensity. There are many common causes for this including overuse and trauma, nerve imbalances, and, most especially, histio quisquiliae.


Of course, weakness from general use is not pathological. Sometimes trauma to a muscle causes swelling and inflammation inside of it restricting its normal motion. The Swelling and Inflammation Protocols will be helpful. Also, the EM Foggyheadedness Treatment applied to the affected muscles will also help.


The autonomic nervous system (ANS) has two sides, the sympathetic branches and the parasympathetic branches. The sympathetic branches relate to flexion where the parasympathetic branches relate to extension and relaxation. Imbalances in fibers of the autonomic nervous system can be treated with the EM Dynamics Treatment. If this helps reduce weakness then further investigation is necessary as to what imbalances have developed in this system. Certain Full Body Organs such as Full Body GB(KD)upper Angle Organ relate to nerves of the ANS and can have imbalances responsible for weakness.


That said, by far the most common cause of weakness is histio quisquiliae most often generated by pathogens. Especially diseases characterized by weakness (ie. MS) or weakness that spreads throughout the body, such as ALS, should be considered from the perspective of infectious organisms producing pathogen toxins that generate histio quisquiliae.


The most common form of histio weakness that is also associated with fatigue is lactic acid histio. Lactic acid is produced when a muscle fires and the more the muscle fires the more lactic acid that builds up. This is natural and normal. But Epstein Barr Virus produces lactic acid histio that makes muscles feel as if they have worked out extensively even when they have not been used at all. Clearing this histio and attacking Epstein Barr Virus can be extremely helpful in clearing this form of weakness.


In the case of extreme weakness or the progressive expansion of weakness the most likely factor is botulinum toxin histio form Botulinum. Western medicine thinks that botulism is a rare disease of exposure to poorly sealed foods. In reality, the Botulinum pathogen is extremely common and is, in fact, the most common cause of constipation in people. People today also inject themselves with Botulinum toxin as a beauty aid. I would counsel people to never do this as I have seen many cases where this made weakness much, much worse. Botulinum toxin causes dampness to develop in Liver Array and Gallbladder Array tissues inside the Nerve Array. Apparently, this is sufficient to essentially turn nerves off. It is absolutely essential to attack the pathogen we associate in EM with Botulinum with the EM Botulinum All Pathogen Array Treatment and to use the Clear Histio Botulinum Toxin Treatment to remedy this situation. Additionally, identify all “imbalances” in the Nerve Array caused by Botulinum toxin histio and treat these imbalances with the EM Dynamics Treatment. Lastaly, clear dampness with the EM Clear Dampness Treatment in the Liver Array and Gallbladder Array and also these arrays in the Nerve Array to speed up the recovery process.