EM3: Vaccines


  • Post Vaccine Considerations
    • After every vaccine the following needs to be considered: exposures from the needling, chemical constituents in the vaccines, and RNA or DNA that is in the vaccine that is pathological to the recipient. The element of vaccines that imparts immunity is often grown through genetic replication methods that involves the use of foreign genetic material. In a perfect world, this genetic material is no longer part of the vaccine when it is administered, but it is common in EM to find DNA that has gotten inside cells from vaccines where that DNA is pathological to the Patient.
    • Multi-use vaccines, such as the flu vaccine, where a single vial is used to treat many patients still use a form of mercury called Thimerosol. After receiving a vaccine with mercury, the recipient will experience a reduction in immunity because the mercury is an immune suppressant. Therefore, purging or vaporizing forms of mercury after vaccines can be very helpful. Nerve damage from mercury in vaccines is common. The Regrow Damaged Nerves Treatment can help regrow nerves where mercury has damaged them. Mercury also causes histamine to be released and causes Krebs Cycle histio. So, treating these with the Clear Histio Treatment is recommended.
    • Children under 6 years old have incomplete immune systems according to Chinese medicine. This is likely why children need so many booster shots compared to adults.
  • Post Vaccine Treatments
    • Treat the Vaccine Treatment or the Detox Qi Infusions Treatment using the Drop-It Parameter up to 5 times a day for up to 10 days after receiving a vaccine.
    • Attack all species of fungus in the Patient from the vaccine using any pathogen treatment, such as the All Fungus Array Treatment using high intensity and high repetitions.
    • Vaporize ethyl mercury, methyl mercury, and all types of mercury in “guanosine trypophosphate binding sites” with the Vaporize Treatment at high intensity and high repetitions. Clear histio of histamine and Krebs Cycle.
    • The <name of vaccine> DNA Reversal Treatment and the <name of vaccine> RNA Reversal Treatments helps to rid the body of foreign RNA and DNA from vaccines.
    • Treat local swelling and inflammation with the EM Inflammation Treatment and the Swelling Treatment.
    • Support the immune system with the Immune System EM Balance Heaven Man And Earth Treatment.
    • In the case of fever, see treatments on clearing pathogens and also read the Pathogens Gu and Chong handbook for tips on reducing fevers.