EM3: Surgical


  • Healing Surgical Sites
    • Whenever someone has a Western medical intervention, you should follow this protocol:
    • Attack All Pathogen Types that got into the body from Western medical interventions using any pathogen treatment
    • Specifically attack All Species Of Fungus that got into the body from Western medical interventions with any pathogen treatment. Clear its toxins.
    • Treat all species of MRSA and MRCONS in the body. Clear their toxins.
    • Treat EM Wounds in and around the surgical site
    • Vaporize EM Anesthesia
    • Treat EM Inflammation and Swelling in and around the surgical areas
    • As necessary, use the EM Pain Treatment or any other pain relieving treatment
    • Treat EM Scars with the EM Scar Treatment and attack any Anaerobic All Pathogen Type Arrays in the EM Scars and throughout the body
    • Treat with the New Ghost Treatment after any stay in the hospital
  • Metal Left In The Body Such As Pins, Rods, and Screws
    • Metal in the body will cause chronic recurring energy imbalances. These energy imbalances commonly cause pain in the body all on their own, unrelated to the initial injury
    • Use the Five Element Excess Treatment and the Climatic Factor Four Levels Deep Treatment for any imbalances created by the metal in the body
  • Surgical Swelling & Inflammation
    • If visible swelling and inflammation persists beyond a few days to a week then it is important to keep treating the area for any All Pathogen Types and any species of Fungus to make sure no pathogens are delaying healing