EM3: Spider Veins & Varicose Veins

Veins visible to the eye often appear in groups and are called spider veins because they look like little webs. In Chinese medicine, the common cause of spider veins is EM Blood Stagnation. In my clinical experience, these and varicose veins are both created by a group of infectious organisms I have termed “EM Pneumoniae Arrays”. This array gets its name from Chlamydia Pneumonia, Mycoplasma Pneumonia, and Kleisella Pneumonia, three constituents in this array. Also included is Staphylococcus. These organisms infect the linings of blood vessels. As part of their pathogen toxins they also produce granuloma histio, which are accumulations of Macrophages (also can be called macrophage histio). Granulomas are large, heavy, and can obstruct capillaries. This obstruction is the cause of the EM Blood Stagnation mentioned earlier. The heaviness of the capillaries over-stretches the connective tissues holding them in place and the capillaries prolapse. When they do this towards the exterior, they can be seen by the naked eye. But this can also happen where it is not visible.


The phrase EM Pneumonia Arrays can identify their location and the EM Pneumonia Array Treatment can attack and clear them. Also use the Clear Histio Granuloma Treatment to clear the most immediate cause of the prolapse. Next, use the EM Tighten Tissue Treatment with the connective tissues of the Capillary Array in the body region impacted by the spider veins to reign in the prolapse.