EM3: Spasm

Muscle spams, charlie horses, gastrointestinal spasms, and eye twitching are all common forms of spasms. Muscle spasms can affect any muscle including smooth muscles, which means they relate to Earth Qi tissues. But the problem almost always stems from histio affecting nerves that cause muscles to fire rather than the muscles themselves.


Potassium histio is the most common cause of muscle spasm. Potassium is an ion necessary for proper nerve function – necessary for maintaining what is called “nerve potential” that allows a nerve to transmit a signal from one end to another along its pathway. When potassium builds up into a histio quisquiliae, it interrupts the signal process and makes it chaotic.


When you find potassium histio you should also look for and attack Candida (especially in the Capillary Array), as this pathogen is the most likely one to cause potassium histio formation. To this end, the EM Candida Treatment and the EM Candida Toxins Treatment will be helpful to you.


Another cause of muscles firing unexpectedly is acetylcholine histio. Acetylcholine histio is generated by thyroid hormone array histio which in itself is a pathogen toxin of organisms that cause feverishness. Acetylcholine histio causes palpitations, for instance, by overstimulating the vagus nerve.