EM3: Skin Tags, Moles, and Other Skin Issues

Metal Qi relates to specifics and categorizing. Metal Qi creates boundary tissues and generates layers. Skin is a Metal Qi tissue which means it has layers and its energy is extremely highly specific, categorized, and divided. Unfortunately, this means skin is one of the hardest tissues to treat because it requires a tremendous amount of specialization to really understand all of its intricacies. As of this writing, I have only just scratched the surface of skin care. The EM Freckles Treatment and the EM Clear Excess Skin treatments are examples of the few skin treatments we currently have in EM. I have no doubt that we will learn much more about how to treat the skin over the ensuing years. But for now, I have nothing to offer you for treating skin tags, moles, and age spots.


The Pregnation Treatment has been proven helpful for reducing some excess pigment in moles.


Even though the skin is the furthest tissue from the bones, the Water Qi excess of the bones cools all tissues in the body, even the skin. If the bone becomes deficient, all tissues that are cooled by the local bone are in danger of increased sun damage and/or infection. If you see new skin issues developing of any variety, it is imperative to check the bones underneath the make sure they have not lost bone mass or have developed fissures. The Significantly Cool The Bones Treatment can be used to help rebuild lost bone mass and heal bone fissures.