EM3: Skin Cracks

Skin cracks often develop at fingers, knuckles, toes, heels, lips, and the anus. Oftentimes, they are a sign of insufficient circulation to the local area. The EM Heart Support Treatment will improve cardiac heart performance and the EM Circulation Treatment can be applied to the person as a whole and also in the area of skin cracks to help heal these cracks.


When skin cracks around the anus, use the EM Anal Fissures Treatment instead.


Please see the section on Fissures for additional ideas on treating skin cracks. Also see the section on Rashes.


Other perspectives on this issues:


Wood Qi relates to stretching and Metal Qi to skin. Wood Qi is Controlled by Metal Qi, so if Metal Qi is excessive in the skin and/or if the skin is deficient in Wood Qi, then the possibility of weakness in the skin at joints is possible. Also, Fire Qi and Metal Qi when together cause tremendous heat which can create the “climactic factor” known as “dryness”. So, dry, cracked skin may be caused by excess Fire Qi and excess Metal Qi in affecting the skin.