EM3: Scarring

There is scarring that you can see and scarring that is microscopic and invisible to the eye. The scarring you can see is a fraction of the total amount of scarring in the body. In fact, much of aging is related to increasing volume of microscopic scarring building up over time.


Scars are effectively “dead tissues” that have not been successfully cleared from the body through normal waste removal processes. As a result, they are incubators for organisms that live in the body that live off of complex sugars and break them down into simple ones. These organisms are called “anaerobic”. When you treat scars and dead tissues in the body always first attack “EM Anaerobic Pathogen Arrays” (which contains a comprehensive list of anaerobes that live in the body such as Clostridium, Bacteriodes, Bacterioketes, and more). The EM Anaerobic All Pathogen Type Array Treatment can be used to attack anaerobes and clear their pathogen toxins. You can also look at individual species and treat them specifically with the EM _name of pathogen_ All Pathogen Array Treatment.”


To clear microscopic scars and to help reduce visible ones (visible ones do contain some living cells which means they will not simply disappear), use the EM Scar Treatment.


EM Scars can develop anywhere in the body. When they develop in the cardiac heart, they significantly reduce one’s sense of vitality because they reduce the functional strength of the cardiac heart, reducing circulation to the extremities. Treating EM Scars in the cardiac heart often results in a significant boost in stamina three to five days after treatment. Work slowly at clearing away these scars in the cardiac heart rather than aggressively.


Other perspectives on this issues:


Scarring is another form of Yin and Water Qi excess in the body. The EM Attunement Treatment helps to increase a person’s sensitivity to EM by clearing EM Scars, reducing Water Qi excess in the body, and re-establishing Fire Qi to its normal volume