EM3: Rash

Rashes are groups of skin eruptions that are linked together. They can be as simple as numerous red dots (often called “heat rash” in Chinese medicine) in close proximity, or can be wide spread such as hives that pop up here and there around the body. Some rashes are solid while others contain pus inside of them.


The EM Clear Excess Skin Treatment benefits the health and well-being of the Skin Array and is a good idea to use with any kind of rash. Beyond that, each rash will require its own unique approach.


The following pathogens cause different kinds of rashes:

  • “EM Cooking Yeast Arrays” (a collection of yeasts used in cooking and fermenting alcohol) can stimulate hive production
  • Streptococcus can cause a red raised rash
  • Coxsackievirus generates hydrochloric acid histio as well as progesterone histio and sodium histio to create severe dryness and cracked skin rashes
  • EM Urishial Arrays include organisms that infect the body that produce urishial, the poison ivy toxin, inside the body. The EM Urishial Array Treatment will treat these pathogens and their toxins.
  • Staphylococcus often produces eczematic rashes
  • Acne like rashes can be produced buy Staphylococcus as well as Aspirgillis and other fungi
  • Reactive microbiome can cause allergic rashes
  • Herpes virus can cause Herpes Zoster rashes


While this list is hardly exhaustive, it does emphasize that pathogens are major factor in rash creation. A commonly overlooked tissue that often has a relationship with rashes is nerves. When they become inflamed, they often present on the skin as some form of rash. Rashes with nerve involvement tend to burn and feel sensitive to touch.


For itchy rashes, also look for histamine histio as well as dopamine histio. An extremely itchy, burning rash probably has dopamine histio involved. In which case, consider looking for Candida as well.


Attack pathogens in the location of rashes and in the Skin Array and clear their pathogen toxins. This will take care of most rashes. Also consider the Inflammation Protocol as needed.