EM3: Poor Circulation

Poor circulation is commonly the result of three factors: weakness in the cardiac heart, blockages in the blood vessels, and excess cold in the blood vessels and capillaries specifically.


In EM we have several treatments that support heart health. These include the EM Heart Support Treatment and the EM Complete Cardiac Heart Treatment which are excellent for supporting overall cardiac heart health. Better heart health often immediately results in improved circulation to the periphery of the body.


Another common issue for the heart is the gradual buildup of microscopic scars in the heart muscle. While not dangerous themselves, these scars are the most common cause of reduction in physical stamina as we age. Before you treat the scars, it is a good idea to attack anaerobic pathogens living inside of them, feeding off the dead cells. Use the EM Anaerobic All Pathogen Array Treatment applied to the “cardiac heart” for several days in a row to help clear these pathogens. Next, apply the EM Scar Treatment to the “cardiac heart” once a day for a few days in a row. After a few days it is common to notice a positive shift in stamina as the scars dissipate.


To improve circulation it may be necessary to clear blockages in the blood vessels as well. Treatments that are terrific for this include the EM All Blood Vessel Plaque Purge Treatment, The EM Cholestrol Pathogen Array Treatment (attacks pathogens that increase cholesterol in the system), the EM Clear Histio Oxidized Cholesterol Treatment, the EM Clear Histio Cholesterol Treatment, the EM Pneumoniae Array Treatment (attacks pathogens whose names end with pneumoniae such as Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Kleibsella Pneumonia, and Mycoplasma Pneymoniae that commonly infect blood vessels and which produce granulomas that block blood vessels) and the Clear Histio Granulomas Treatment to help open up the blood vessels once again.


Finally, it may be helpful to clear excess cold from the Blood Vessel Array and from the Capillary Array using the EM Clear Excess Cold Treatment.


In the case of Reynaud’s some people have found the EM Inflammation Treatment and the EM Swelling Treatment to be helpful when applied to the Blood Vessel Array and Capillary Array. You may consider investigating whether pathogens are infecting the blood vessels resulting in this chronic swelling and inflammation. Also, consider looking for estrogen and progresterone histio, which commonly cause swelling.