EM3: Night Sweats

There are several different patterns to night sweats with each representing a different problem. The first type often follows a feverish bug and involves feverishness and sweating that returns at dusk every day. This is called “rolling sweats”. The second type of night sweat is a feeling of ongoing heat throughout the night. There are hot flashes that hit at night every night. There are also hot flashes that hit at night only at a specific point of the menstrual cycle.


Rolling sweats, fevers and sweating that returns at dusk but is gone during the day, reflects a problem known as “heat in the blood”. The blood is considered a form of Yin, which should be slightly more cold than hot in terms of energy. When a person has a fever that is hot enough or has had a fever long enough, the heat of the fever starts to build up in the blood, leading to excess heat in the blood. Dusk is the time when the circulating Ying energy that is very external to the body at noon and deep in the bones at midnight hits the blood vessels When the blood is hot, this heat fills the Ying and the heat then is distributed system-wide causing the feverishness and the sweats. In order to reduce rolling sweats and stop them, first and foremost you need to completely clear the infection that initiated the process in the first place. One handy treatment to clear pathogens from the blood itself is the EM Past The Point Of No Return Treatment as well as the EM Chase the Virus Treatment and the EM Chase the Bacteria Treatment. For problems such as malaria, you will need to use the EM All Parasite Array Treatment to clear the malaria first. To stop the rolling fevers themselves, you should apply the EM Balance Yin and Yang Treatment to the Blood Vessel Array and to the Blood Array.


To clear perimenopausal and menopausal night sweats that can occur as either hot flashes at night or hot feelings that linger during the night, you should focus on balancing Yin and Yang in the Gland Array or the specific glands you have identified as where the problem is originating. The EM Balance Yin and Yang Treatment is ideal for this. You can also use the EM Hot Flashes Treatment for a more robust treatment for hot flashes. Another consideration is whether estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, and stress hormone arrays histio have built up in the bone and cartilage array and bone marrow. You should use the EM Clear Histio treatments for these issues and then apply the EM Water Angles 6 Levels Deep Earth Excess Grid Treatment to remove Earth Qi excess from the Bone Array, Cartilage Array, Gland Array, Kidney Array, Bladder Array, Urinary Tract, and Reproductive Zones. These tissues should all be cold by nature and the addition of Earth Qi warms these areas enough to generate heat. You can also apply the EM Water Qi Deficiency and the EM Tonify Excess Water Qi Treatments to these tissues to restore their rightful energy.


Sometimes fissures in the glands result in hot hormones leaking out of the glands resulting in hot flashes or hot feelings. So, assess specific glands or the Gland Array for fissures and treat them with the EM Fissures Treatment.


Lastly, night sweats that are specific to the menstrual cycle are often the result of Liver Blood Deficiency where there is an insufficiency of blood in angles of energy that relate to the liver. Apply the EM Circulation Treatment to the Liver Array and Gallbladder Array and the EM Balance Yin and Yang Treatment to these same arrays to help reduce these hot periods. It may be advisable to also look for species of Tinea in the Reproductive Array with the EM Pathogens Treatment and to clear its pathogen toxins such as nitric oxide and nitrous oxide histio followed by the Edema Protocol. Tinea commonly infects the linings of the Reproductive Zone and increases heat.