EM3: Neuropathy/Numbness

Numbness and neuropathy is the loss of sensation in an area of the body. While this commonly impacts fingers and toes it can occur anywhere in the body. The most common cause of numbness and neuropathy is anesthesia histio which can get into the body two possible ways: administered for a medical procedure or as a pathogen toxin of tinea (and likely other pathogens I do not as yet know about).


The goal of anesthesia is to reduce sensation in an area that will receive surgical care or some other kind of otherwise painful trauma. In theory, anesthesia administered during a procedure clears the body shortly afterwords, but in reality histio quisquiliae will develop containing anesthesia that may not immediately become clear and obvious to the patient. It may take years for it to start to cause numbness. In this situation the EM Clear Histio Anesthesia Treatment can very quickly return the nerves back to normal sensation over the course of several days or weeks.


Tinea produces nitric oxide histio in the body, a potent blood vessel dilator. Nitric oxide can convert to nitrous oxide, a molecule most widely known as “laughing gas”. Nitrous oxide is therefore a naturally produced anesthesia generated by tinea. Clearing histio of this molecule can be extremely helpful in reducing numbness and neuropathy but the tinea infection and the nitric oxide histio must also be remedied to permanently make headway in this condition.


Testosterone Array histio can also cause neuropathy if it builds up in the Nerve Array.


Streptococcus also produces a natural version of acetaminophen which anesthetizes the local area as its hydrochloric acid histio burns holes in tissues. At this time, I do not believe it produces enough to cause numbness or neuropathy.


Other perspectives to consider for this issue:


Sometimes people who suffer from numbness “don’t want to know” something about themselves or loved ones. People suffering from this form of repression might need an emotional/spiritual perspective on their treatment.