EM3: Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is the cause of many chronic pains. Nerve pain tends to feel burning and sometimes sharp and stabbing. See the Nerve Pain Protocol for more ideas on how to treat it.


Additional considerations for nerve pain include looking for EM Wounds in the Nerve Array or fissures impacting them. Treat these accordingly, if discovered.


The most common cause of nerve pain is species of Herpes virus releasing histamine in the Capillary Array of a nerve causing swelling to develop inside and/or around the nerve. Treating species of herpes virus is always a good idea with the EM Full Life Cycle Stage Treatment or the EM Pathogens Treatment. Also use the Clear Histio Histamine Treatment to clear the histamine and the EM Swelling Treatment to clear the swelling that has developed from the histamine leading to the inflammation.


Some pathogens such as the EM pathogen we associate with Equine Infectious Anemia Virus produce molecules that stimulate pain. In this case, it stimulates Substance P histio which causes nerve pain. In EM, you can look for “EM Molecule Of Pain Arrays” which are molecules we have identified such as MMPs, Substance P, and more that cause or worsen pain. You can treat these with the EM Molecules Of Pain Array Treatment.


Gu we associate with helminths produce formic acid histio. Formic acid causes additional histamine formation in and around nerves exacerbating the histamine effect of Herpes virus. is particularly inflammatory to nerves. It is common for formic acid from Gu to take a nerve already inflamed from herpes virus associated pathogen and turn that nerve into an EM Shingle. Use the EM Clear Histio Formic Acid to clear this histio and also use the EM Gu and Chong Treatment to attack and clear any “helminths” or any Human Parasite Arrays producing them.