EM3: Low Libido

Low sex drive is extremely common, especially in populations of people on Western pharmaceutical medications, those going through perimenopause, and people who are suffering from intense emotions such as grief and stress. While the most obvious consideration for libido is levels of testosterone, it turns out that sex drive is extremely sensitive to estradiales (forms of estrogen) building into histio quisquiliae.


When people take medications, the regular intake of what are often very energetically hot energies overheats the body. Testosterone is a hot hormone associated with HT(TW) and SI(TW) in Fu Xi Wen. Hot angles always need some amount of Yin to stay anchored. Without this Yin, the energy “floats” and becomes chaotic. When you add too much heat to HT(TW) and SI(TW), the heat diminishes the Yin in these angles and the energy becomes unanchored leading to a loss in libido. Unfortunately, medications have to always stay in the body to have an impact, which means the excess heat is always in the system and in Energy Level 1 – the physical level. You will find it extremely difficult if not all but impossible to counter-act the energetic impacts of Western medicine as a result. The EM Libido Treatment can be used to help counteract a low libido from any cause. It can be used as needed but may require up to 60 days of daily use to counteract the negative impacts of Western medication.


The easiest imbalance to treat to restore a healthy libido is histio quisquiliae of estradiales. Estradiales, forms of estrogen, when they build up into garbage piles will turn off libido. This is a common issue during perimenopause but can also occur after illnesses with pathogens that produce estrogen histio as a pathogen toxin (including but not limited to Rhinovirus and species of Coronavirus such as MERS). The EM Estradiale Array Treatment can be used to clear various forms of estradiale. You can also use the EM Clear Histio Estrogen Treatment.


Intense emotions can also negatively impact libido, especially stress and frustration. You can use the EM Reset Emotions Treatment for helping to clear this energy as well as the EM Stress Hormone Treatment, and the EM Cortisol Array Treatment (for cortisol specifically). Grief can also reduce libido. This can go on for several months. If after six months have passed and libido continues to be reduced, then it is necessary to focus on the energy imbalances that may be involved. You might also consider the EM Heal From Traumas Treatment and the EM Clear Histio Norepinephrine Treatment.