EM3: Joint Pain

Pains at joints are extremely common but their causes and treatments can be counter-intuitive. Sometimes the cause of the pain is an obvious trauma which might best be treated shortly after the injury with the EM Acute Trauma Treatment repeated until the swelling and inflammation go down. More commonly, however, the causes are less obvious and require deeper investigation.


First of all, treat the pain with the Pain Protocol. These tend to reduce pain very substantially albeit symptomatically. A very common and overlooked cause of pain is nerve inflammation, so use the Nerve Inflammation Protocol. Also, the Tighen Tissue Protocol is the treatment of choice for sprains and over-stretched tissues.


Joint pain also can be the result of swelling and/or inflammation in the blood vessels, so looking at these issues in the Blood Vessel Array is a very good idea. For years, this was my standard treatment for fibromyalgia, though I have since expanded to my next suggestion.


Look for inflammation, swelling, wounds, and fissures in the pineal gland, the midbrain, and the tissues that connect these together. Pain in these sensitive fibers can be felt as if they are local to a joint even though they are fibers in the head.


Treat the joint itself by looking for bone chips, cartilage chips, broken bones, and anything infecting elements of the joint capsule. If, for instance, you identify cartilage chips, the most common infector is MRSA. You will want to clear the MRSA, the pathogen toxins it produces, and also treat EM Neuropeptide Arrays with the EM Neuropeptide Array Treatment.


Look for EM Canninaboid Arrays for receptor issue in the canninaboid system that reduces pain and anxiety (and when damaged increases both pain and anxiety). Treat this with the EM Canninaboid Array Treatment. Also look for “NSAIDS in Receptor Arrays” (pronounce NSAIDS as ‘n’ saids) which are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications that have bonded to receptors but have failed to let go. This is unfortunately very common and will increase sensations of pain.


Sometimes pain can be the result of “imbalances” in the Nerve Array that can be treated with the EM Dynamics Treatment. Also look for these imbalances specifically in the canninaboid fibers of the Nerve Array.


Muscles do not have many pain nerves but tendons and bone attachments do. So, it is extremely common for a pain to be experienced in the joint that is actually an imbalance in the muscle connecting to that joint. Look for “soft tissue adhesions” and if you find any then treat these with the EM Soft Tissue Adhesions Array Treatment. Also, if soft tissue adhesions are present that means gluten histio has accumulated because of Clostridium pathogen. These also need to be cleared.


Joint pain can also be caused by insufficient synovial fluids. You can increase this with the EM Circulation Treatment applied to the joints and synovial fluids.


Other perspectives to take on this issue:


Pain can develop anywhere in the body if problems arise in energy meridians. Water Qi excess and dampness commonly get into the meridian system from environmental exposures. You can look for these in the “All Meridians Name Array” and “luo channels connecting the meridians together” (“luo” is pronounced “low”) as well as in the “Extraordinary Meridians”, “divergent channels”, and “musculoskeletal channels”. The EM Five Element Excess Treatment can help clear any excesses of the Five Elements in these locations. The EM Clear Dampness Treatment can clear any dampness.