EM3: Inflammation

Inflammation can develop in any tissue. It is a common cause—if not a contributor—to pain. There are many kinds of inflammation including histamine, cytokines, prostoglandins, and other “molecules of inflammation”. EM Inflammation contains all common causes of inflammation and can be used as a catch term for diagnosing and treating most inflammation in the body. You can also look for and treat histamine histio, cytokine histio, prostoglandins histio, and inflammatory histio separately.


Inflammation is a buildup of excess most often in the LVLV tissue angle and therefore has a relationship with connective tissues.


The EM Inflammation Treatment is far and away the best symptomatic treatment for inflammation. However, it does nothing for its cause which can include trauma, stress, microbiome reactivity to allergens, pathogen toxins, pathogen or pathogen toxin damage to tissues, gu or chong, and more. You will need to treat any causative factor if it is internal and ongoing to successfully heal inflammation.


Swelling and inflammation often go hand-in-hand and you should diagnose and treat swelling along with the inflammation.


It is common to develop EM Inflammation in the Nerve Array. There are many common species of herpes virus all capable of chronically infecting a person’s Capillary Array of the Nerve Array. Because Herpes virus releases histamine histio and stress hormone tissues histio, swelling in the Capillary Array will cause chronic low grade inflammation in the Nerve Array. Any additional insult to the nerve on top of this baseline inflammation will lead to the development of an “EM Shingle” which is a nerve in “full out inflammation”. This can occur anywhere in the body at any tissue depth. If it is on the skin, it might be diagnosed as Herpes Zoster or “shingles”. But interior to the skin it is often the cause of chronic pain. Use the EM Herpes Shingles Array Treatment in the case of nerves in full out inflammation. Also clear Herpes Virus and the histio it produces mentioned above. Clear the swelling from the Capillary Array caused by this histio.


A common causative factor that turns a low grade amount of inflammation in a nerve to progress into full out inflammation is formic acid histio produced by helminths (worms) in the body. So, if you identify EM Shingles in the body it is very important to also look for Human Parasite Arrays also in the body and to clear the formic acid histio you come across.


Other points of perspective on the issue:


Emotionally, inflammatory experiences in one’s exterior life are often reflected as inflammation somewhere interior in the body. Identifying the source of chronic or serious inflammation in one’s relationships and working on strategies to reduce this can also reduce inflammation interior to the body.