EM3: Genetics


  • Genetic Disorders
    • To treat genetic disorders you need to know what specific genes to treat or have Universal Qi identify the genes to treat using EM Diagnosis. Genes can be faulty either being on when they shouldn’t be, off when they shouldn’t be, or producing mutant proteins as a result of mutation of the gene. EM Diagnosis can help you identify the issue for a specific issue, though it is likely to be that problems exist in more than one category at a time.
    • Genes are turned on or off by electrical charge caused by what we call in EM “plasmam”. Plasmam is a term that stands for the fourth state of matter, better known as “plasma”. Unfortunately, the word “plasma” already exists as fluid in blood and so to differentiate plasma as a state of matter versus the fluid in blood, we call the state of matter “plasmam” instead.
    • Yin entities tend to turn off genes by reducing plasmam. Yang entities tend to turn on genes by increasing plasmam. An imbalance is an imbalance whether caused by Yin entities or Yang entities if the end result is a disease state in the person.
    • The Clear Histio Plasmam Treatment can be used to clear excess plasmam. However, it is best to apply this treatment inside the nucleus of the affected cell for best results.
    • The Balance Yin and Yang Entities In Genes Treatment can be used to treat too many or too few Yin entities and Yang entities connected to genes. Universal Qi automates diagnosis and treatment. You can therefore diagnose cells whether genes are stuck on when they shouldn’t or turned off when they shouldn’t and apply this treatment to those cells with Universal Qi doing the nitty gritty detail work of identifying the type of problem that needs to be treated.
    • The Plasmam Pilot Light Treatment can be used to initiate the formation of plasmam inside the nucleus of cell when Yin entities have successfully reduced it to no or almost no activity and therefore little protein synthesis.
    • Energy in the next smallest energy level from that in which chromosomes exists is likely a major factor in many genetic issues. So, consider treating the energy in and around genes in the next deeper energy layer to affect the health of the genes.
    • At this moment in time, it looks like EM Level 4 will focus part of its curriculum on this topic, so additional information on treating genes will likely be forthcoming.