EM3: Freckles

Melanocytes produce skin pigmentation. The Fu Xi Wen Tissue-Angle for a melanocyte is: LU(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD). KD or BL relate to Water Qi. Darkness relates to Water Qi as well. So, freckling is excess developing in melanocytes caused by the Fire Qi of the sun pushing Water Qi around inside the skin. We call this “sun damage”.


Healthy melanocytes are important in order to avoid melanoma, a potentially dangerous form of skin cancer. So, it can be helpful to treat freckles when you see them develop. The EM Freckles Treatment is a great idea for reducing freckle darkening and to even clear away freckles altogether. Sadly, we do not have techniques in EM yet that can do the same thing with moles or other skin spots of various sorts.


A recent edition to the EM Treatment Database is the Pregnation Treatment in which one tissue becomes entrapped inside another one. A very successful way to clear freckles is to clear Pregnation in which the “Pregnating Tissue” is an endothelial cell or the nucleus of an endothelial cell. Treat this form of Pregnation and you will likely see dramatic improvement.


Other points of perspective on this issue:


Melanocytes are Water Qi structures. Darkness is Yin. So, freckling is a sign of Yin excess accumulating at the location of melanocytes.