EM3: Fissures

Fissures are tube-like passageways that develop in tissues where they are not wanted. Fissures can form anywhere in the body. Their most common cause is hydrochloric acid histio which is generated by many infectious organisms. The first consideration when it comes to fissures, however, is Streptococcus, which appears to produce more of it than other organisms in order to burn holes to infect deeper tissues. The EM Fissures Treatment is an excellent treatment for fissures, but treating the fissures themselves exclusively hardly solves the deeper root problem. Moreover, it also doesn’t solve secondary issues that arise because of fissures.


It is essential to clear hydrochloric acid histio with the EM Clear Histio Hydrochloric Acid Treatment. You can also balance pH with the EM Oxygen Hydrogren Array Treatment which treats histio quisquiliae of oxygen-hydrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen. There is also the EM Acid-Base Treatment.


It is also essential to identify the infectious organism which can be Streptococcus, many different types of virus, such as, EM Flu Virus, and even fungi such as Mucor Racemosus. Attacking the pathogen—and its pathogen toxins—is necessary with the EM Pathogen Treatment, or the EM _name of pathogen_ All Pathogen Array Treatment, as well as, the EM Pathogen Toxin Treatment, or with any helpful Clear Histio treatment.


The fissure themselves offer refuge for various organisms, so it is important to look for any “All Pathogen Types” inside of them and treating them with the EM Pathogen Treatment. Also, mites can invade the fissures, so looking for Human Parasite Arrays inside of them is also necessary.


Clearing hydrochloric acid histio from the fissures is essential. Sometimes dampness also develops inside of them which can be treated with the EM Clear Dampness Treatment.


A species of strep called Streptococcus Thermophilus prefers to infect the Sinus Chamber between the front and back sinuses. The acid it produces will follow gravity, which means it will sink into the inferior bones of the sinuses and through them, through the meninges, and into the cerebrum. Sometimes the way the patient sleeps or their regular activities draws the acid to the front of the cerebrum, and—sometimes, even back into the cerebellum and brain stem. Most commonly, however, it simply sinks down into the limbic system. I believe that the damage from this histio is a major cause of mental aging and most likely the cause of brain shrinkage associated with Alzheimer’s. The fissures themselves can be healed and the severing of nerve synapse connections can be remedied with the EM Neurexin And Neuroligin Array Treatment. However, the loss of brain mass from this is likely permanent especially for the elderly. It is important to very regularly look for strep in the Brain Array and clear it and its pathogen toxins.


When strep breaks through the inferior boundary of the sinuses into the brain cavity, it also creates fissures in the blood-brain barrier allowing pathogens, parasites, and toxins to get into the brain that otherwise would be unable to get in. So, consider the EM Brain Treatment to help clear pathogens and damage to the brain.


The pineal gland extends special nerve fibers down to the midbrain. It appears that these fibers are critical in the experience of pain when they are inflamed and/or damaged. Even the slightest treatment of them will temporarily increase pain in a patient. Yet, the hydrochloric acid histio can damage these and even cause fissures in these. Damage to this area will cause chronic pain. In adults, it can be associated with fibromyalgia. I believe in children it can be part of the autistic spectrum disorder. When treating pain patients and autism patients, especially make sure there are no fissures in the pineal gland, midbrain, and the fibers that connect the two together and treat anything that you see disturbing these areas.


Another additional approach that can help fissures heal is to apply the EM Tighten Tissue Treatment “in-between cells around the fissures” as a way to help “zip up” the fissure from the sides.


Other points of perspective on this issue:


Fire Qi relates to “lumen” or holes. And Fire Qi is powerful enough to push Water Qi (structure). Which means that fissures are likely a form of Fire Qi excess in the tissue. While the hydrochloric acid histio reflects the physical form of Fire Qi, in this case, the energetic Fire Qi excess should be treated with either the EM Fire Qi Excess Treatment or the EM Five Element Excess Treatment.