EM3: Fatigue

One of the hardest issues to treat is the subjective experience of low energy. Similar to pain, which has so many causes that it may be impossible to know them all, fatigue also has innumerable possible factors that can be involved. Many of these factors overlap causing a complicated narrative. Fatigue can be physical, emotional, and even exclusively energy related.


Physical Causes Of Fatigue


Fatigue can be caused by infection, histio quisquiliae, nerve imbalances, and even tissue damage.


Pathogens can cause fatigue through various means: pathogen toxins that generate fatigue, tissue damage from infection, destruction of the microbiome, allergies, and depletion of vital nutrients.


As of this moment, there are five known pathogen toxins that directly cause fatigue though it is very probable more such molecules will be determined over time. Lactic acid histio is a toxin released commonly by Epstein Barr Virus associated EM pathogen. This acid naturally occurs in muscles as a result of overuse. When in large enough quantities in a muscle, lactic acid generates the sensation of muscle fatigue. Epstein Barr Virus replicates this extreme muscle exhaustion even without any physical activity by flooding the area local to the infection with lactic acid. Since Epstein Barr Virus commonly infects the lymphatic vessels, the lactic acid can move into soft tissues away from the actual location of the infection spreading this muscle fatigue far and wide.


Epstein Barr Virus and the Chong associated with the protozoa Leishmaniasis produce excess carbohydrates as a toxin. In EM, we call these “EM Sugar Toxins”. The physiological impact of flooding the lymphatic system with excess carbohydrates is a stagnation of the lymphatic fluids making it extremely difficult if not impossible for lymphocytes to move through the lymphatic system towards the infection. Stagnant lymph in soft tissues creates muscle fatigue, achiness, and stiffness. In the head, this creates foggy head symptoms and mental fatigue.


Leishmaniasis associated Chong also produces insulin histio quisquiliae. Parasites often need to consume tremendous amounts of glucose to survive. To facilitate this, leishmaniasis floods the local area with insulin creating a local acute diabetic-like syndrome. If leishmaniasis is pronounced in the body, the fatigue from this can be very bad and worsen after eating carbohydrates.


Epstein Barr Virus, Leishmaniasis, and Rhinovirus associated pathogen all produce another molecule that generates fatigue: reverse T3. Reverse T3 is an isomer of regular T3 which is to say that it looks like a mirror image of regular T3 which is an essential hormone in the production of T4 in the thyroid which in itself regulates metabolic activity throughout the body in every cell. Reverse T3 looks enough like regular T3 that part of the body recognizes it as normal T3. As a result, the body thinks it has enough T3 so it does not produce more of it. Unfortunately, reverse T3 cannot convert to T4. As a result, the patient experiences hypothyroid symptoms. Cell throughout the body slow down their metabolic activity. I associate chronic infections of these organisms with hypothyroidism. And many times I have reversed hypothyroidism simply by clearing these organisms and the reverse T3 histio.


Another molecule that can generate fatigue is serotonin. Serotonin generates extreme fatigue plus anger and lack of patience. Stachybotrys associated EM pathogen generates serotonin histio as a pathogen toxin Stachybotrys mold consists of many species. While it can be associated with black mold, any species of this pathogen can generate serotonin histio and cause fatigue. In addition to attacking this pathogen and clearing its toxins from the body, it is also necessary to reduce exposure in the patient. If you see this pathogen in the sinus ducts, the nostrils, or any part of the sinus array then it is clear the patient has recently had an environmental exposure to the mold. If a moldy film is at the patient’s house along the edges of the windows this should be remediated. If there is a musky smell or obvious signs of mold in the basement this too should be cleared if possible though I often do not recommend expensive mold remediation unless it appears to be the most critical factor for the patient’s complaints. Often an excellent quality air conditioning/furnace filter is sufficient to stop mold from circulating throughout a house via the air ducts.


Infections and/or traumas to the cardiac heart can also cause fatigue. Microscopic scars can build up in the heart as one ages causing natural aging fatigue. Infections can, however, severely scar the heart. Scarring of the heart is not a life-threatening situation for 99.99% of the people who suffer from this – as it is a natural process that we all eventually face. It is not like a blockage in a cardiac blood vessel that leads to ischemia (cell death) to such a degree as to be life threatening. Instead, it reduces the functional power of the heart to contract leading to weaker circulation. Since red blood cells are necessary to bring oxygen to every cell and since oxygen is essential for producing ATP, the power unit of the cell, reduced circulation means fewer cells are receiving the oxygen they need for optimal function.


Some people have many simultaneous pathogens infecting the heart. Some people also have parasites in and around the heart. It is essential to treat what you see with the EM Pathogens Treatment for the pathogens and the EM Gu And Chong Treatment for the parasites. It is also essential to treat any pathogen toxins released by these with the EM Pathogen Toxins Treatment (you can use this also for toxins produced by parasites). In addition to looking for regular pathogens and gu and chong, it is also necessary to diagnose and treat all “anaerobic pathogens” infecting the heart. Anaerobes infect scar tissue. The goal of treatment is to clear scar tissue but if you were to do this without attacking any pathogens living in the scar tissue first, you likely will flood the system with anaerobic pathogens that will find scars elsewhere in the body to occupy. The EM Anaerobic All Pathogen Array Treatment can treat any kind of anaerobic pathogen in the body as well as their toxins. You can also treat individual pathogens by name. After you have treated the anaerobes, identify all EM Scars in the cardiac heart. Treat what you find with the EM Scar Treatment. As you are treating the cardiac heart, all due caution is necessary not to harm the heart. So, when considering parameters to use for this particular treatment be conservative rather than aggressive.


After treating the heart, it often takes several days before a huge positive boost in stamina is clear and obvious to the patient.


Another cause of fatigue is the result of damage to the microbiome or reactivity by the microbiome. For all intents and purposes the microbiome is part of one’s own body. Antibiotic use is a major cause of microbiome die off. But other factors such as a change in diet or moving to a new region can also cause dramatic shifts in the constituent species of the microbiome. When the microbiome becomes depleted, it leads to fatigue in a couple of ways. First, species of the microbiome, like infectious organisms, release pathogen toxins upon their destruction. Certain histio from this can lead to fatigue as previously discussed. Second, the energy of the microbiome overlaps our own. When it is vital, we feel vital. When it is weak, we have less energy to work with ourselves. The EM Balance Heaven Man and Earth, The EM Balance Yin and Yang, and even the EM Jing Essence Treatments can be used to stimulate a healthier microbiome.


The microbiome can also be reactive to foods and/or to environmental factors causing the symptoms of food and environmental allergies. Often reactive species in the microbiome release histamine which can cause swelling in the capillary array. You can treat this with the EM Clear Histio Histamine Treatment and clear the swelling with the EM Swelling Treatment. If you know what you are “allergic” to, look for all species of all pathogen type in your microbiome that are reactive to molecules that get into or on your body when you are exposed to those allergens and then treat that part of your microbiome with the EM Pathogens Treatment. As a default, the EM Pathogens Treatment does not treat the microbiome. So, you must add an additional phrase as a new parameter to the treatment: “even though they are part of the microbiome”. This phrase over-writes the default protection of the microbiome and will allow you to weed out the reactive microbiome from your system.


Another possible cause of fatigue is insufficient production of red blood cells which are necessary for transporting oxygen to every cell. To facilitate red blood cell production you can use the EM Bone and Marrow Treatment to increase circulation through the bones to the marrow. You can also use the EM Bone Marrow Treatment to reinforce the energetic structure of the bone marrow. Together these can be very helpful in facilitating greater bone marrow health and more red blood cell production.


In extremely rare situations, white blood cell production overwhelms red blood cell production due to infections or tumor activity. This is called leukemia. Treating infections in the bone marrow is very helpful for treating this condition. Also improve circulation and support the energy structure of the bone marrow simultaneously.


Nerve imbalances can also generate feelings of fatigue. The Autonomic Nervous System has two sides: the Sympathetic System which tenses and the Parasympathetic System which relaxes. When these two sides go out of balance, where the body becomes chronically too tense or where the body becomes chronically too relaxed, this can be experienced as fatigue. The EM Sympathetic Parasympathetic Treatment balances these two sides, though additional specific treatment of nerves may be necessary.


Imbalances in the eyes which often relate to nerve imbalances can also contribute to fatigue. The eyes consume a tremendous amount of energy as our bodies put a premium on visual acuity. If the acuity is reduced even a little, this can result in a major energy drain.


I also suspect that imbalances in the cerebellum may play a role in some people’s experience of fatigue. Imbalances in the unconscious control of blood flow, body orientation, and eye dilation are just a sample of possible causes of fatigue that may be mediated by the cerebellum. I will be conducting more research in this domain over the coming years.


Another cause of fatigue are heavy metals disruption of ATP production for cells. Mercury very specifically appears to disrupt the Krebs Cycle that turns glucose into ATP. The EM Clear Histio Krebs Cycle will clear away any histio generated from Krebs Cycle molecules. It is very common to find this form of histio in the same place you find mercury. The EM Mercury Detox Treatment can be used to purge the mercury from the system. It is common for some difficulty in passing the bowels for a day or two after using this treatment as the mercury passes.


The last physical cause of fatigue is nutritional deficiency. Often after an intense or chronic infection certain amino acids, minerals, and vitamins become depleted leading to physical fatigue. Supplementation or dietary changes are necessary to remedy this situation.


Emotional Causes of Fatigue


When a person experiences extremely intense emotions or tremendous emotions over a period of time this can cause fatigue.


There are three common emotional causes of fatigue. The first one is when stress is excessive it can lead to what is known in EM as “pathological crystals” forming in the adrenal gland that block the ducts that allow cortisol, epinephrine, and/or norepinephrine to be released. While this is known as “adrenal fatigue” it is most often the result of the normal amount of stress hormones necessary for regular every day functioning to be incapable of escaping the adrenal gland. This can be treated with the EM Pathological Crystals Treatment. On the other side of the equation, fissures can develop in the adrenal glands allowing too many stress hormones to escape into circulation than is normal. This can lead to excess sugar in the blood and long term stress and tension with no obvious stimulus. This must be treated with the EM Fissures Treatment.


The second common emotional cause of fatigue is the depletion of Yin in Fire Qi angles. Heart and Small Intestines angles are Fire angles that contain the most Fire Qi than any other energy angles of the body. But even Fire angles have Yin aspects. When that Yin is depleted by excessive emotions, it causes the Fire Qi in the angles to become unanchored and unrooted. The Yin in these angles is absolutely necessary to control the Fire Qi. When this control is lost, the normal “battery” of Yin and Yang goes haywire leading to a failure of the energy circuits. This results in extreme fatigue and burn out hours, day, or even months after an extreme emotional event or period. This can be rectified with the EM Emotional Fatigue Treatment.


Lastly, I will mention that some patients have noticed improvement when treating themselves with the EM Complete Hormone Treatment which balances angles of energy that relates to hormones. A hormonal relationship with fatigue is likely to have emotional qualities as well such as weepiness, anger, stress, and aggitation to name a few possible factors.


Energy Causes Of Fatigue


The body has several “batteries” of Yin and Yang built into the system. When each side of the battery is comprised of the correct energy constituents, the battery functions normally. But if Yin becomes displaced where there should be Yang or vice versa, the battery faulters and this is experienced as a reduction in energy.


Known energy batteries in the body include: the Heavenly Plane with the Earth Plane of energy. The Heavenly Plane consists of Yang Fire Qi and the Earth Plane consists of Yin Water Qi. In the center of the circuit between them is an equal mixture of Yin and Yang, Earth Qi in the Man Plane. The EM Balance Heaven Man and Earth and the EM Balance Yin and Yang Treatments can restore these batteries back to balance. All tissues contain Heaven, Man, and Earth and so all tissues have their own miniature version of the full body Heaven/Man/Earth battery. You can apply these restorative treatments to specific tissues you suspect of an energy imbalance.


Another battery in the body is the Kidney organ and the Heart organ. The Kidneys are Yin Water Qi and the heart is Fire Qi. Their energy combines in the upper back in what is called the Triple Warmer and this battery generates the Five Elements that run through the energy meridians of the body. Any imbalances that affect either of these organs can disrupt this battery. Infections, Yin/Yang imbalances, reduction in circulation, scarring, and more can reduce the power of this battery.


The last major battery of the body consists of the Yin Water Qi of the bones and the Yang Fire Qi of the bone marrow. Together they generate red and white blood cells and many different kinds of molecules such as hormones that are necessary for keeping the physical body healthy, well defended and strong.


I suspect we will identify additional causes of fatigue. Yet these are likely to be some of the most common causes you are likely to come across with most people.