EM3: Failure To Thrive

The concept of “failure to thrive” has many facets not all of which can fit into this curriculum. There are general rules to follow but also each case needs to be assessed individually, with each unique symptoms for each person being treated independently.


Please see the chapter on Autism and Spectrum Disorders for conditions of that nature.


The Chinese medical perspective on failure to thrive is primarily a deficiency of Jing Essence. Jing is the Qi that weaves together the physical structures of the body. Essence is the energy that fills in the spaces between this weave. A person receives their Jing from their parents at conception and this Jing is refreshed and replenished throughout life by eating healthy foods. EM can also be used to build Jing and to replenish it. You can look for where a person is “Jing and/or Essence deficient” and treat the areas that show up with the EM Jing Essence Treatment.


Failure to thrive can relate to Jing Essence deficiency in the brain in which areas of the brain failed to mature during gestation. One manner to address such a situation is to identify all “imbalances” in the Brain Array as a result of failure for the brain to fully mature and then to treat these imbalances with the EM Dynamics Treatment which can be used to treat any kind of energy imbalance as well as all energy imbalances Universal Qi identifies in a Patient that is beyond our own human capacity to individually diagnose and treat. You can also ask Universal Qi to identify neurons in the patient that should be connected but are not and ask Universal Qi to safely connect those neurons together in the patient.


At the very least failure to thrive is an imbalance in structure which relates to Water Qi. Yin Water Qi relates to hidden structures and Yang Water relates to physical and obvious structures. This is a major imbalance in Water Qi. Water Qi is generated by Metal Qi and so a major imbalance in Metal Qi can be responsible for this major imbalance in Water Qi. Or, conversely, a tremendous excess in Earth Qi which controls Water Qi may be at the deeper root of the issue. Treating from a Five Element perspective is a major focus of EM Level 4 and you will learn more about this theory at that time.


Consider also looking for pathogens infecting osteoblasts and osteocytes, as it is possible that insufficient bone is responsible for failure to thrive. Bone relates to Water Qi and Water Qi is strongly related to Jing Essence, so all of these topics tie together. The Significantly Cool The Bones Treatment can help stimulate bone growth when there is insufficiency. C. Difficile commonly infects bone and fissures bones with its fermeldahyde histio. It is a likely factor in insufficient bone formation (and osteoporosis as well).


Bone is the coldest tissue in the body. In fact, it acts like the refrigerant of the body. Tissues all around the bone stay cool because of the bone. When there is insufficient bone, this means there is insufficient coolant. Some tissues appear to be very sensitive too when the temperature rises in the tissue due to the lack of bone refrigeration. Nerves are one such tissue. Our brains are filled with nerves and they are completely encased in bone, which illustrates the tremendous need they have to stay cool for normal operation. So, making sure there is enough bone around the brain is important in cases of Failure To Thrive.


Suffice it to say, failure to thrive is one of the most complicated and most difficult clinical issues you will ever face. Moreover, the book has not yet been written that can fully guide you in this endeavor.