EM3: Deep Bone

  • Fracture
    • Fractures are breaks in bones. Most fractures that are clearly fractures at the time of injury require immediate Western medical care. However, it is common for people to not even know they have fractures. This is especially true for athletes (and particularly for long distance runners). Fungus in the body will move into fractures immediately. As a result, decades later, these bones will develop arthritis if left to their own devices. It is always necessary to treat every fracture for pathogens we associate with fungus. This will help speed up healing and also avoid long term infirmity for the bone.
    • The Broken Bones Treatment will help heal the bone faster than the normal 6 weeks it takes for most bones to heal on their own
    • The Comprehensive Build Bone Treatment will help strengthen bones. This is especially helpful for people as they age and particularly if osteopenia or osteoporosis might be playing a role in the development of the fracture
    • The Clear Histio Bone Chips Treatment clears microscopic bits of bone out of the local area, as they tiny chips can cause sharp pain on flexing soft tissues connected to the affected bone
  • Bone Marrow Support
    • Healthy bone marrow is key to longevity. It is an ancient Chinese secret to maintain healthy bone marrow for maintaining vitality and vigor. Bone marrow is a natural “energy battery”. The bone is cold and made of Water Qi. The bone marrow is hot and made of Fire Qi. Together, all Five Elements are generated in the bones, which is key to good energy and stamina. The EM Bone Marrow Treatment restores the Water/Fire Qi balance in the bone marrow. The EM Bone And Marrow Circulation Treatment improves circulation through the bone into the bone marrow to help flush the inside of the bone marrow with Fire Qi and nutrients. Together, these two treatments tremendously support the bone marrow and can be tremendous in increasing a person’s sense of well-being. Both red blood cells and white blood cells are created in the bone marrow. Which means that strong bone marrow translates into excellent oxygenation to every cell of the body as well as reinforced protection against infectious disease. Sometimes pathogens infect the bone marrow. This can lead to leukemia for some people. It is a good idea to clear any pathogens in the bone marrow so that healthy blood and platelets can be produced in this vital area of the body