EM3: Cysts

There are different kinds of cysts that can develop in the body such as sebaceous cysts and ganglion cysts, and they are almost always infections of one variety or another. Identify the type of tissue that has formed the cyst. For instance—sebaceous glands or nerves and then diagnose “all pathogen types” infecting that type of tissue. Narrowing it down to a body segment can be additionally helpful. Treat the pathogens and their toxins. Treat with the EM Pathogen Treatment if you don’t know the species infecting the tissue or with the EM _pathogen name_ All Pathogen Array Treatment if you have discovered the infectious organism using EM Diagnosis.


Next apply the EM Foggyheadedness Treatment to the tissue to help stimulate lymphatic vessels in the local area and clear away stagnation. Also apply the Swelling Protocol.


Cysts may temporarily grow in size after treatment as the pathogens are destroyed and the lymphatic vessels fill up with white blood cells. But within a few days the cyst should ultimately recede in size.


Other points of perspective on this issue:


Infections relate to situations where others coerce, manipulate, cajole or force a person to act against their will. Is this going on in the patient’s life? If so, treat with emotion or spirit treatments as well.