EM3: Chills

Chills are a response to infection or to exposure to climactic cold without sufficient protective clothing.


A prophylactic method for preventing chills from exposure to excess cold consider the EM Cold Shield treatment that increases Fire Qi at the surface tissues of the body as a method of counter-balancing the excess Yin exposure. When you no longer need it, you can use the EM Stop Cold Shield Treatment to clear the Fire Qi excess. The EM Cold Shield only provides a modest amount of protection and will need many repetitions at high intensity to counter-balance tremendous amounts of cold or long term exposure. In fact, it may not be suitable to handling intense cold.


When cold exposure has passed but chills persist, then consider the EM Circulation Treatment as well as the EM Heart Support Treatments. You might still use the EM Cold Shield and see if that will help push the climactic cold out of the system.


Chills from infection are one of the many cascading elements of a fever. Please see the chapter on Fever for more ideas about counteracting a fever. However, here are some ideas to consider to reduce chills. First, consider the EM Past The Point Of No Return Treatment which attacks any pathogen that has made its way into the blood. Only when a pathogen has penetrated the blood will the fever start. Also attack any pathogens identified where pathogens have penetrated into the blood as well as treat any pathogens in tissues immediately next to where the pathogens are penetrating into the blood to try to get a step ahead of the pathogen and create a space between the colony and the blood vessels.


Another consideration is whether or not any pathogens are infecting the kidneys. Kidney infections often demonstrate with cold in the body as well as a sense of internal vibration. This may or may not look like the classic shakes during a fever. In fact, chronic kidney infections can cause chronic chills that are nothing like the chills during a fever. Instead, the person simply can never feel warm. This cold sensation quickly goes away when the kidneys are cleared of pathogens. Use the Pathogens Protocol for this.


Consider also looking for “anti-pyretic” molecule histio and treat with the EM Clear Histio Anti-Pyretic Molecule treatment. Pyretic molecules cause heat and fever and anti-pyretic molecules counter-balance pyretic ones.


Lastly, and possibly most importantly, clear histio of salt and sodium in the capillaries. Salt is a form of Water Qi excess which is very cold in nature. The capillaries are the hottest tissue of the body. Normally, they do not suffer from cold unless they are at the extreme edge of the body. But, in the case of fever, the heat in the blood pushes Water Qi excess through the capillaries where it can become lodged as sodium histio. Use the EM Clear Sodium Histio Treatment in the Capillary Array.


Once a fever begins, a cascade of events starts that is very difficult to stop in the middle. In EM, we have not as yet identified all of the stages of this process. So, it is common for us to be able to speed up the cascade and speed up the recovery process but not to stop a full on fever mid-process.