EM3: Cell Stagnation

Cell stagnation is stagnation of elements of blood other than red blood cells, primarily of platelets. Cell stagnation can be a sign of current or recent internal bleeding. It can be an indicator of past or current stroke if found in the head. It can also indicate a blood clot, though this is more rare. The EM Cell Stagnation Treatment is used for EM Cell Stagnation.


Other circulatory treatments may be beneficial if you find EM Cell Stagnation. You might look for EM Wounds in the Blood Vessel Array. You might apply the EM All Blood Vessel Plaque Treatment. You might assist the cardiac function with the EM Cardiac Heart Support Treatment which will balance internal elements of the cardiac heart including its valves and muscle tissue to support stronger and healthier circulation.


If you find EM Cell Stagnation also look for and treat EM Blood Stagnation.


Other points of perspective on this issue:


Cell stagnation is an accumulation of platelets. Platelets are sticky, stretchy tissues and are likely related to Wood Qi on some level. So, look for Wood Qi excess in the Blood Vessel Array and treat any that you find with the EM Wood Qi Excess Treatment.


Phlegm is constructed out of excess Metal Qi, look for “EM Phlegm” in the Blood Array and Blood Vessel Array. A blood clot can be a form of phlegm. You can treat any EM Phlegm you identify with the EM Phlegm Treatment.