EM3: Burns

Burns are sudden exposures to intense Fire Qi. Most often this is in the form of a heat source such as fire, but it can also be from chemical exposure and radiation exposure – including exposure to the sun. In the case of severe burns or burns over a large surface area of the body, immediately contact Western emergency services before utilizing EM. The Burn Protocol should be implemented as soon as humanly possible to significantly reduce damage to tissues of the body from burns. The Burn Protocol relies on the EM Burn Treatment. You can increase the intensity of this treatment with the EM Intensity parameter as necessary the larger the burn. You can also increase repetitions as necessary. A small burn may require only a single EM Burn Treatment intervention. Larger burns will require playing with parameters for faster and more complete treatment.


For burns that damage tissue also consider the EM Wounds Treatment.


For exposure to non-medical radiation also consider the EM Clear Histio Radiation Treatment.


In the case of a chemical burn where you know the chemical that has made contact with the skin also use the Clear Histio name of chemical Treatment.


You can help heal a sunburn with the EM Sunburn Treatment. Also attack EM Scars, use the Fire Excess in Blood Vessel Array Treatment and the Electromagnetic Radiation Purge Treatment.


The EM Sunscreen Treatment can be used to help protect you when you do not have enough protection from the sun to help avoid a sunburn through it needs to be repeated more regularly if the sun exposure is very strong. The EM Stop Sunscreen Treatment can be used when the sun exposure is over. The EM Sunscreen Treatment directs Water Qi to the surface of the body to fend off the Fire Qi of the sun. Note, however, that Water Qi will either wear away as the exposure continues, or you may use the EM Stop Sunscreen Treatment to clear that excess Water Qi from the surface when it is no longer needed. If you use the EM Sunscreen Treatment, the EM Stop Sunscreen Treatment will automatically download 24 hours later.


Other points of perspective on this issue:


Boundary tissues are made of Metal Qi and Fire Qi controls Metal Qi. It is a good idea to treat any excess Fire Qi in the Lung Array and the Large Intestine Array and the Skin Array following a burn and treat with the EM Five Element Excess Treatment. Burns also add Yang to the system. So, the EM Balance Yin and Yang Treatment and the EM Balance Heaven Man And Earth Treatment may be helpful system-level treatments following a burn.


Fire Qi relates to conflict and the skin relates to protection, integrity, judgment, discernment, expectations, and deserving. See if there is any recent conflict in the patient’s life around these issues. Treat with emotion or spirit treatments as necessary.