EM3: Bruising

Bruising is the pooling of blood after an acute trauma. Some people are prone to easily bruising. People prone to easy bruising tend to suffer from Earth Qi deficiency. You should look for Earth Qi deficiency generally throughout the body, in the Flesh Tissue Depth, in the Earth Array, and in the Stomach Array. Because Fire Qi constructs Earth Qi, it is advisable to also look for Fire Qi deficiency in the capillary tissue depth, in the Capillary Array, in the Heart Array and in the Small Intestines Array.


In general, you can help facilitate the healing of bruising by applying the Inflammation Protocol as well as the Swelling Protocol. You can also look for EM Wounds in the Blood Vessel Array and Capillary Array.


An easy way to facilitate healing immediately after an acute trauma—before a bruise has even developed—is with the EM Acute Injuries Treatment. Apply this once a minute for five minutes after a major trauma and this should significantly reduce bruising. You can also apply this after surgical interventions to reduce post-surgical bruising as well.


Additional points of perspective on this issue:


Bruising occurs in the capillary tissue depth, flesh tissue depth, muscles tissue depth, and possibly even the blood vessel tissue depth. Look for deficiencies of any of the Five Elements in these tissue depths and treat with the EM Five Element Deficiency Treatment. Also look for where any of these tissue depths is deficient of excess of any of the Five Elements and treat with the Tonify Excess Five Element Treatment.


Earth Qi relates to trust, manipulating the objects around oneself and to daily rhythms. Is the patient not paying attention or supporting regular daily rhythms? If not, encourage that to help build Earth Qi. Is the patient feeling a lack of self-trust or trusting others? Use the EM Earth Qi Deficiency Treatment as necessary to support more trust.