EM3: Broken Bones

We all have broken bones. Even right now. At least from an EM perspective. The basic mechanics of joints means that it is very likely you have microscopic chips in bones such as at your finger or toe joints. Of course, you can also have major bone breaks such as fractures. In the case of an acute fracture, this is a medical emergency that needs immediate Western medical intervention. But as soon as the bone is put back into proper orientation you can begin utilizing EM.


The EM Broken Bone Treatment is the ideal tool for healing chips or breaks in bones. It helps to balance the bone energy which facilitates its healing. It is also necessary to look for and treat “bone chips” with the EM Clear Histio Bone Chips Treatment as these tiny shards are made of living cells that can continue to survive off the major bone. They do not simply disintegrate. These shards collect in the local soft tissues and cause obstructions that stop a joint from working at the extreme or, more commonly, joint pain on flexion (compression) of the joint.


A common cause of microscopic chips forming in bones is chronic fungal infections in the bones and cartilage. As fungus often enters the body through the nail cuticles, the oldest fungal infections are at the fingers and toes. The bones in this vicinity are the most likely to have major fungal infections over time that lead to arthritis and bone damage. So, it is important to periodically clear the fungus from the Bone Array and Cartilage Array as well as the joints and Full Body Liver Organ (another perspective on the joints) and to heal any damage caused by these to the bones themselves.


When Water Qi reduces in bones people sleep less deeply. The circulating energy of the body called the Ying settles into the bones at night and should fill up with Water Qi from the bones. If the Water Qi is depleted or other Elements settle in the bones where they are not supposed to be located, then sleep is interrupted. This is also a sign that the integrity of the bones is being compromised. In this case it is helpful to look for Water Qi deficiency and deficiency in excess Water Qi in the bones and to rectify any imbalances you identify with the EM Water Qi Deficiency Treatment and the EM Tonify Excess Water Qi Deficiency Treatment. Additionally, Earth Qi, which controls Water Qi, can invade the bones. It is very important to look for Earth Qi excess in the Bone Array and Cartilage Array and to treat it with the EM Water Angles 6 Levels Deep Earth Excess Grid Treatment to help repopulate the bones with the right movements of Qi.


Other points of perspective on this issue:


Bones have an emotional relationship with the structures of our lives – such as the people in our lives. Weakness of a bone or its breaking can have emotional roots that should be identified through questioning. There may be necessary emotional treatments to compliment the treatments above such as the EM Traumas Treatment.


Will, also known as Zhi (pronounced like “jir”), should be cold. Will helps to construct the internal structure of bones. Look for where the patient’s Will (or Zhi) is deficient in Water Qi and treat these areas with the EM Water Qi Deficiency Treatment. Also look for where the Will is deficient of excess Water Qi and treat with the Tonify Excess Water Qi Treatment.


Bones relate to confidence and to willpower. Has there been any recent events traumatic to the patient’s confidence and/or willpower? Treat with emotion or spirit treatments as necessary to help the patient cope.