EM3: Bone Spur

Bones can develop growths where they are unexpected and unhelpful. Almost always these growths cause pain given the rigidity of bone. In a joint, bone spurs can push the joint off-kilter, a common occurrence in finger and toe joints.


Bones are made up of Water Qi and so Earth Qi can be used to control its excess. The EM Bone Spur Treatment is amazing and effective at reducing bone spurs. For large spurs such as bunions, this treatment may take a while to bring the spur under control. Please note that bunions also have other factors contributing the problem that also need to be addressed such as infections in the bones and swelling/edema/inflammation in the bone or its marrow.


The most likely cause of a bone spur is serotonin histio produced by Stachybotrys, a common household mold. To fully resolve bone spurs and avoid recurrence it is necessary to clear this histio with the EM Clear Histio Serotonin Treatment and attack the Stachybotrys associated pathogen with the EM Stachybotrys All Pathogen Array Treatment or the EM Pathogen Treatment. It is also a good idea that if you see bone spurs to look for broken bones, and bone chips, while you are at it, and to treat any fungus associated with these as well.


Other points of perspective on this issue:


There are many Full Body Organs that relate to bone shape. Look for “any imbalances” in specific ones and treat any that you find with the EM Dynamics Treatment.


Metal Qi generates Water Qi. If there is excess Water Qi it may mean this is being constructed out of excess Metal Qi. Metal Qi also relates to boundary tissues and bone spurs are protrusions of the boundary tissues potentially. So, look for excess Metal Qi in the Bone Array and Cartilage Array and treat any that you find with the EM Metal Qi Excess Treatment or the EM Five Element Excess Treatment.


Bones relate to confidence and to willpower. Bone spurs are the expression of these emotions in the wrong directions where they are not helpful. Is the patient over-confident or excessively willful? Treat Water Qi excess wherever Water Qi is excessive to help deal with this situation.