EM3: Blood Stagnation

Blood stagnation, the process where blood flow is unexpectedly stopped along its normal pathway, is a common cause of sharp stabbing forms of intense pain. Blood stagnation identified in the brain is a potential indicator of a past or current stroke (along with Cell Stagnation). If new EM Blood Stagnation is identified inside the head it is imperative to treat it as quickly as possible and to treat any EM Cell Stagnation you also identify there as quickly as possible.


Traditionally, spider veins have been considered a sign of EM Blood Stagnation. You can look for and treat EM Blood Stagnation where you identify them. However, you are probably better off treating spider veins as Pneumoniae Arrays (an array of different species of pathogens ending in “pneumoniae” in their names) which infect blood vessels and cause these very directly.


Other points of perspective on this issue:


Is there insufficient Fire Qi in the Blood Array, Heart Array and/or Small Intestines Array allowing for blood to slow down too much? If so, use the EM Fire Qi Deficiency Treatment. Also, look for where there is deficiency in excess Fire Qi in those same arrays and treat it with the EM Tonify Excess Fire Qi Treatment.


Blood relates to Fire Qi which in turn corresponds with love, passion, joy, and happiness. Blood stagnation relates to barriers that interfere with these emotions. Help to identify where these may be in the patient’s life and treat the Five Elements or spirit with appropriate treatments to help.