EM3: Blood Clot

A blood clot is clotting similar to the healing of a cut but occurring in “healthy” blood vessels. Blood clots are dangerous developments in the body, as they can lead to ischemia. Tissue begins to die as a result of lack of oxygen with this condition. This is a medical emergency and requires Western emergency medical intervention first.


In the case of blood clot, diagnose and treat EM Blood Stagnation with the EM Blood Stagnation treatment. Also diagnose and treat EM Cell Stagnation with the EM Cell Stagnation treatment. Look in the Blood Vessel Array for any EM Wounds just in case the clot was actually trying to heal unseen damage in a blood vessel. It is important to clear the blood clot rapidly so that it is as small as possible in the case it gets jettisoned off into circulation to avoid blocking another area further along the circulatory system. To that end, definitely consider treating with EM Intensity 5 and repeating the EM Blood/Cell Stagnation Treatments every minute for the first ten minutes at this intensity.


Just as a precaution, consider also treating any pathogens infecting the Blood Vessel Array. Also, what if it is not a blood clot but is instead a parasite? Consider looking for Human Parasite Arrays or specifically helminths (worm parasites) in the Blood Vessel Array. If you find any, treat these with the EM Human Parasite Array Treatment.


Other points of perspective on this condition:


Blood relates to Fire Qi and contraction relates to Water Qi. Is there Water Qi excess in the Blood Array or the Heart Array or Small Intestines Array? If so, you can treat with the EM Five Element Excess Treatment. Accumulations relate to Earth Qi, instead (or in addition to) Water Qi, is there Earth Qi excess in those same arrays?


Is there insufficient Fire Qi in the Blood Array, Heart Array and/or Small Intestines Array allowing for blood to slow down too much? If so, use the EM Fire Qi Deficiency Treatment. Also, look for where there is deficiency in excess Fire Qi in those same arrays and treat it with the EM Tonify Excess Fire Qi Treatment.


Phlegm is constructed out of excess Metal Qi, look for “EM Phlegm” in the Blood Array and Blood Vessel Array. A blood clot can be a form of phlegm. You can treat any EM Phlegm you identify with the EM Phlegm Treatment.


Blood relates to Fire Qi which in turn corresponds with love, passion, joy, and happiness. Through questioning ask if there has been any interference with the patient’s expression of these or experience of these recently.