EM3: Armpit Line Of Force

  • Armpit Rash
    • Attack All Pathogen Types in the sebaceous glands and also in the armpit and also in the Armpit Line Of Force. Treat their toxins.
    • Apply the Clear Excess Skin to the armpits and the Armpit Line Of Force
    • Attack all species of fungus and molds in the armpits and Armpit Line Of Force and clear their toxins
    • Check for EM Shingles in the case of burning or sharp stabbing discomfort and treat with the Nerve Pain Protocol
  • Excessive Armpit Sweating
    • The beginning of the Heart meridian is in the center of the armpit, which means it is easy to over heat in this location since the Heart meridian is a Fire Qi meridian. Apply the EM Balance Yin and Yang Treatment to all Yin/Yang Imbalance Arrays including in looking in the Armpit Line Of Force and the Heart meridian
    • If the Patient also feels hot system wide and/or feverish or has hot flashes, treat them accordingly for these issues and this will help wit the armpit sweating as well
    • Treat Cortisol Arrays and Stress Hormone Arrays in the case of nervous sweating. Also treat Anxiety Arrays and Fear in the case of nervous sweating