EM3: All Joints Ache

Individual or some joint pains are discussed in the Symptoms That Can Occur Anywhere section.


My first consideration when all joints ache is Liver Blood Deficiency, where the connective tissues such as the tendons and the ligaments are receiving insufficient blood flow resulting in less flexible joints. Look for where the patient would benefit from the EM Circulation Treatment in his or her Liver Array, Gallbladder Array, joints, and Full Body Liver Organ (which relates also to the joints).


A second consideration for full body joint pains are the health and well-being of Pericardium Array and the Triple Warmer Array tissues that relate to veins, arteries, and lymphatic vessels. Sometimes Metal Qi excess can develop in these locations which can be treated with the EM Metal Qi Excess Treatment or the Five Element Excess Treatment. Also, is there swelling in these arrays? Is there progesterone histio? Is there an infection in the Blood Array or Blood Vessel Array?


An additional location needing review is the pineal gland, midbrain, and the tissues connecting the two together. Injury to these tissues can cause pain anywhere in the body including joints. Look for where in these locations the patient would benefit from the EM Inflammation Treatment, the EM Neurexin and Neuroligin Array Treatment and for any fissures, EM Shingles, and EM Wounds.