EM3: Aging

While not traditionally called a symptom, aging is pathological for many people. We should all be blessed with a slow and as painless as possible aging process. But people age at different rates and at varying degrees of infirmity. The reason for this is that aging can be pathological if it is not approached thoughtfully and with a regular dose of preventative care.


The Jing, the interwoven Qi that constructs our physical form, and the Essence that fills it have traditionally been thought of as finite in quantity. How fast you consume the Jing Essence determines the rate of aging. People who experience tremendous stress, who consume alcohol or over-indulge in sex are likely to age faster than those who live more stress-free lives, limit drug and alcohol consumption, and enjoy regular but not over-indulgent sex. Jing is constructed out of Water Qi. This Qi is permeated with Shen, or spirit, which is Fire Qi. Both go together to generate life force. But when the Water Qi becomes excessive, such as with excessive fears or regular exposures to extreme cold, the Shen becomes imbalanced relative to the Jing and they separate. Death is said to occur when the Shen and Blood separate. Blood is the most Yang tissue of the body. But, because it is also made out of Jing, the parting of Shen from Blood is the last possible connecting points between spirit and body. When they separate, people die. While an interesting aside, death and aging are not the same thing. Aging is the wearing down the the Jing structure of the body. This process can occur into one’s 110’s without a person necessarily dying. But the more the Jing structure is worn down, the more that can go wrong in the body that might precipitate dying. For instance, the more the blood vessels wear down, the more likely cardiovascular disease might arise that might one day lead to a cardiac arrest.


In other words, the more you protect the Jing Essence, the longer one postpones catastrophic imbalances from developing that are life threatening. One way to do this is to support the Jing Essence. The EM Jing Essence Treatment can be used to support the Jing Essence. You can say: “Please show me all locations in my body where I would benefit from the EM Jing Essence Treatment, thank you” and then treat these locations with the EM Jing Essence Treatment, or you can apply it generally to yourself or your patient.


A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle support the Jing Essence. Chinese medicine says you can replenish your Jing with the Jing Essence of healthy foods, which would include living foods such as fruits and vegetables which can pass on their vitality to you. Chinese medicine does not specifically advocate a vegetarian diet. Nevertheless, a diet rich in living foods will provide greater benefit than one focused singularly on processed and cooked foods.


One “ancient Chinese secret” to longevity is to maintain the health of the bone marrow. There are certain “batteries” in the body that contain Yin and Yang elements in dynamic balance. These include the Heavenly Plane of energy and the Earth Plane, the Heart organ (the chest not just the cardiac organ) and the Kidney organs (which generate all Five Elements at the upper back in what is called the Triple Warmer), and the bones and bone marrow. The bone marrow is a vital tissue in the body because it generates red blood cells that serve to bring oxygen to every cell as well as white blood cells that attack infectious organisms in the body. A healthy bone marrow means greater vitality and stamina and is an essential tissue to protect and nourish. Attack any pathogens infecting the bone marrow. Consider this area an area where no infectious organism is allowed to invade without exception. The EM Bone And Marrow Circulation Treatment is a treatment that you should utilize to increase circulation through the bones to the bone marrow. The EM Bone Marrow Treatment supports the basic energy of the bone marrow as well as the Water Qi tissues inside of it that bolster its shape. This is one of the most valuable treatments in our treatment tool belt, I feel.


Another way you can slow down the aging process is by clearing away pathogens that endanger critical areas of the body. I believe the following areas need particular focus:

  • The Brain Array – clear any strep and other organisms from this area, heal fissures, periodically use the EM Neurexin and Neuroligin Array here to protect the synaptic junctions, and clear plaque from the blood vessels with the EM All Blood Vessel Plaque Treatment. Periodically also use the EM Stroke Prevention Treatment and the EM Aneurism Treatment as these provide prevention against these dangerous imbalances from developing.
  • The kidney organs are in a vulnerable location in that the ureters lead to the bladder organ which leads to the urethra which leads to the exterior of the body. Over the course of years and decades pathogens will penetrate to the kidneys and wear it down. Particularly fungus will infect the kidneys without the patient ever knowing it.
  • The heart organ is a common location to become infected by pathogens traveling through with the blood. Microscopic scars will develop in this tissue which will reduce its functional capacity. Periodically clearing any pathogens here, clearing anaerobic pathogens, and removing EM Scars will help the cardiac heart substantialy
  • The blood vessels are bound to fill with EM Phlegm as well as with cholesterol histio and oxygenated cholesterol histio. Oxygenated cholesterol histio is more damaging and dangerous than cholesterol histio, but both should be addressed. Also it is helpful to attack EM Pneumoniae Arrays and clear their granuloma histio periodically. Healthy circulation is key to longevity because it means lymphocytes can maneuver where they need to be without restriction and red blood cells can bring oxygen far and wide.
  • Clear fungus regularly from bones, joints, and blood vessels. Also clear MRSA from the cartilage. On top of that clear excess Earth Qi from invading the Bone Array and Cartilage Array. The integrity of the skeletal structure is tantamount to aging gracefully. Damage to the bones means joint pain, osteoporosis and possible spine shape changes, and even spine compressions that can make aging much less enjoyable.


Aging is inevitable for us all and we are not going to be able to stop the clock with EM. Regardless, I believe we can slow the clock down and make aging a more enjoyable experience if we do regular repairs. Consider this: every time you bring your car in for servicing, service the above elements of your body. You should be just as considerate of your body as your car, if not far more so.