EM3: Acne/Boils/Folliculitis/ Furuncles/Sebaceous Gland Infections

Infections of the skin can be extremely superficial or they can be very deep and filled with pus. Acne tends to be more superficial, though there are cystic forms of it that are more like boils and furuncles. There are also infections of hair follicles and sebaceous glands.


No matter the type or depth, each of these is a pathogenic infection of one type or another. It is a good idea to look for Staphylococcus Aureus in the body segment where the infection can be found and to treat this pathogen and its toxins.


While staph is a common cause of acne, species of fungus can also cause it. If fungus is identified, then it is a good idea to also follow the Edema Protocol to clear the heat that is being generated by the pathogen toxins.


For deeper infections, you might also want to look for any pathogens infecting the Lymph Array in the local area and also to help clear the lymph with the EM Foggyheadedness Treatment. The infection can also be causing swelling and inflammation, so treatments for these may be advisable as well.


Other points of perspective on this condition:


The Skin Array consists of the skin tissue depth, the capillary tissue depth, and the flesh tissue depth. Any bump in the skin is a sign that at least the flesh tissue depth has been impacted. So, looking at pathogens in the Skin Array is another approach.


Earth Qi generates Metal Qi, and excess Earth Qi creates accumulations. Is there Earth Qi excess in the Lung Array or Large Intestine Array? Use the EM Five Element Excess Treatment in that case.


Mites also live in hair follicles, look for Human Parasite Arrays or mites in the Skin Array.


The skin relates to protection, integrity, expectations, deserving, discernment, and judgment. Infections tend to be generated when other people coerce, cajole, manipulate, or force a person to act against their will. Identify if any coercion is occurring or recently occurred around those emotions and treat with emotion or spirit treatments such as the EM Trauma Treatment as necessary.