EM Level 1 Examples

Here are examples of EM Level 1 Treatments with audio

You’ll notice that the audio files do not match word-for-word the text above it. That is because you can say the phrase differently and still have the same outcome.


Just to encourage you. These are simply examples. You have unlimited options as to what you ask to have treated. So explore and play. Be creative!


Treating Myself

“Please send EM to treat any arthritis in my bones and joints. Authenticated.”


“Please send EM to treat all species of Epstein Barr Virus in my body and to clear away the toxins it has put into my system. Authenticated.”


“Please send EM to treat all species of Streptococcus infecting me right now. Authenticated.”


“Please send EM to increase my confidence. Authenticated.”


“Please send EM into me to increase my sense of alertness.”


“Please send EM to treat the pressure in my sinuses. Authenticated.”


“Please send EM to help me release the anger I am holding onto right now. Authenticated.”


“Please send EM to release the tension in my cervical spine. Authenticated.”



Treating Another Person


“Please send EM to treat anything infecting my Mom’s urinary tract. Authenticated.”


“Please send EM to treat stress hormones building up in my wife’s neck and shoulder muscles. Authenticated.”


“Please send EM to balance my wife’s hormones and glands. Authenticated.”



Treating A Pet

“Please send EM to Tibby my dog to treat any pathogens that got inside of her from her tick bite. Authenticated.”


“Please send EM to treat my dog Tibby’s anxiety. Authenticated.”


Treating A Plant

“Please send EM to the aloe plant in my office to increase its vitality and vibrancy. Authenticated.


Start playing with the Send EM Treatment to deal with your unique symptoms!